Host your next corporate adventure at our top destinations for meetings and events in 2025

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At FCM Meetings & Events, we say pack your bags, grab your passport, and let's travel abroad. With the new financial year on our doorstep, now is the perfect time to start planning that next in person meeting, conference, awards night, training session, team incentive or corporate retreat. 

Getting everyone overseas sounds daunting—we get it—but with our team by your side, it'll be a breeze. From flights and hotels to visas, transport, memorable experiences, mouthwatering dining, and world-class entertainment for your entire crew. We've got you covered—no matter where we take you.  

Feeling excited and intrigued? We are, too! Let's explore our top meeting destinations and let the journey begin! 

seoul south korea

Seoul, South Korea

Flight Time: SYD - 10h 40m | BNE 0h 55m | MEL - 13h | PER - 12h 30m

Language: Korean. English is known in city and tourist areas

Population: Seoul - 10 million / South Korea - 57.75 million

Currency: Won (AU$1 = ₩886* | Cappuccino: ₩5,607

Hotels: 455+

Seoul isn't just a tourism hotspot — it's a thriving business destination, too, or dare we say, bleisure? With the Seoul City government investing ₩90 billion (approx. AU$10.6 million) to enhance its Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE) industry, it's an ideal spot for international events.  

Enjoy quick flights from most Aussie cities, 10/10 transport, and an incredible food culture ranging from fine dining to street markets. This location has friendly locals, modern streets, a rich history, and a blend of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Time to consider Seoul for your next business destination. 

johannesburg, south africa

Johannesburg, South Africa 

Flight Time: PER - 10h 55m, direct, three times per week

Language: Zulu, Xhosa and Afrikaans. English is the fourth most spoken language

Population: Johannesburg - 6.3 million / South Africa - 60.9 million

Currency: South African Rand (AU$1 = ZAR12.3*) | Cappuccino: R35

Hotels: 3,000+ in and around Johannesburg

Take a walk on the wild side and experience all Johannesburg has to offer. With the South African MICE industry projected to reach nearly AU$16 billion in the next four years, the next financial year is the year to explore this destination. 

Team-building activities like wildlife safaris, cultural experiences, street graffiti tours, and cooking lessons are on offer here. Johannesburg also presents unique opportunities for charity and social enterprise team building. There are countless dedicated venues, all at an affordable price point. And let's not forget about the pre-and post-event holiday opportunities! Johannesburg is calling—are you ready to answer?  

wellington, new zealand

Wellington, New Zealand

Flight Time: SYD - 3H 15m | BNE - 3h 30m | MEL - 3h 35m | PER - 9h

Language: English

Population: Wellington - 424,000 / New Zealand - 5.27 million

Currency: New Zealand Dollar (AU$1 = NZ$1.09*) | Cappuccino: NZ$5.55

Hotels: 150+ offering over 3,670 rooms

A little closer to home here, Wellington is a great option for your next event. It brags a better-than-dollar-for-dollar exchange rate and a skyrocketing MICE industry. With direct flights from major Aussie cities, it's an easy trip over the ditch to a city bursting with venues. 

Experience the brand-new Takina Events Centre and other top-notch venues like Sudbury and Lower Hutt. Immerse your group in the rich Maori culture, embrace adventure, and indulge in culinary goodness, including world-class wine. With endless opportunities and safe and friendly streets, Wellington is a go. 

valencia, spain

Valencia, Spain

Flight Time: SYD - 26h 5m | BNE - 26H 50m | MEL - 25h 10m | PER - 22h

Language: Spanish and Valencian (a Catalan dialect). English known in city and tourist areas

Population: Valencia - 791,000 / Spain 46.8 million

Currency: Euro (AU$1 = €0.60*) | Cappuccino: €2.60

Hotels: 240+

This list is only complete with the addition of Valencia. While Barcelona and Madrid might first come to mind, Valencia completes the trifecta of Spain's top MICE destinations in 2024 – and for good reason. Known for its affordability and accessibility via high-speed train, Valencia promises a memorable event experience. 

Explore the city's rich culinary scene, history, and art, all while enjoying modern event facilities and incentive travel options. Whether at the Palacio de Congresos Valencia, amongst nearby nature reserves, or at luxury corporate retreat locations, Valencia is the ideal setting. With cost-effective amenities and great predictable weather, it ticks all the boxes. 

Ready to take the leap with FCM Meetings & Events? Whether you’re planning a small gathering or a large conference, we’ll be by your side. 

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