Specialist Divisions

Mining and Resources

At FCM, we understand that managing travel for businesses and employees that service the mining sector requires unique industry expertise. Mining sites are often harder to access, crew changes rely on roster cycles, accommodation options can be limited and site regulations mean that car hire is not as straightforward as it is in other industries.

VIP Travel

FCM’s VIP concierge services program, Pinnacle, offers our valued clients an experiential, ‘high touch’ offering that is delivered by some of the industry’s most experienced and innovative travel managers.


FCM gives your business unrivalled access to a wide range of aircraft and jet charter services to support the corporate, mining, sporting and conference group, cargo and freight logistics and VIP and executive travel sectors via the acquisition of Australian charter specialist AVMIN.

Academic Travel

FCM operates a dedicated academic travel division that provides tailored travel management solutions to meet the needs of universities, research organisations and schools. Whether your university has a large and complex travel program with thousands of travellers, or you are a school teacher coordinating an overseas group study trip – our academic travel specialists know how to help you with all your travel and procurement needs.

Government Travel

FCM Travel Solutions has in-depth experience managing public service travel and travel programs. We specialise in change management and providing tailored travel solutions to implement large and complex public sector travel programs. Our dedicated government travel teams are experienced in managing the complexities of departmental policies, budgets and hierarchies.

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