Providing a one stop service for Qualcomm's travel needs

About Qualcomm

Qualcomm is a leading global provider of wireless communication technologies and services, which plays a critical role in the rapid adoption and growth of 3G and next generation wireless around the world.

FCM Travel has provided travel management for Qualcomm China since 2006. Qualcomm required the services of a travel management company (TMC) that could provide a high quality, ‘one stop service’ covering all of its travel needs throughout China. It also sought a TMC that could guide and convince its travellers to follow the company’s policy, to realise maximum savings.

The FCM team has done a great job in helping us implement a new travel policy and executing powerful control of that policy.

Ms. Ma Linlin
Director of Administration, Qualcomm China

Providing a one stop service for Qualcomm's travel needs

Our recommendations

  • FCM introduced efficient booking processes, regular reporting and data analysis, employee traveller tracking to identify reasons for missed savings and expert advice on cost savings and travel management.
  • FCM appointed dedicated teams and account managers to provide consistent service throughout China.
  • FCM established flexible and customised booking procedures, a VIP service program and an efficient feedback handling process to make the overall service excellent and seamless.
  • FCM provides complete reporting and professional data analysis periodically, to give Qualcomm a broad picture of its travel expenditure.
  • FCM’s travel solutions and savings plan was designed to match Qualcomm’s cost control and policy implementation program.
  • With strong support from Qualcomm’s senior management, FCM efficiently implemented the new travel policy for all offices in China.
  • FCM monitored the response from Qualcomm’s travellers and focused efforts on changing their booking behaviour to ensure the success of the program.
  • To boost savings, FCM applied its strong negotiating muscle to secure competitive corporate deals with the company’s preferred airlines.
Plane in sky


Over a three month period after implementation, the average domestic ticket price dropped 30% compared with the same period the year before. In addition, the rate of lowest logical fare usage increased by 25% compared with the average rate 12 months earlier.

FCM’s negotiation with Qualcomm’s preferred airlines resulted in a discount of more than 20% on international fares across the company’s main routes. FCM achieved a further saving of 2-5% by establishing new agreements with secondary airlines across other routes.

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