At FCM, we just work differently

Time to thrive at FCM

Workplace mental health is good for business. A happy, fulfilled and energised team is a productive and successful one. It’s why traveller wellbeing is such an important part of our customer travel programmes – and why we walk the walk with our own team, as we strive to be the employer of choice in Asia.

Keen to know more? Here are just 5 ways we’re nurturing and supporting our staff’s mental health:


1. Structured Support: Family, Village, Tribe

The idea of ‘family, village, tribe’ underpins the Flight Centre Travel Group’s structure, and it’s no different at FCM.

Put simply, the structure is based on the belief that human beings will always have an innate need for connection, and that feeling supported by an immediate ‘family’, ‘village’ and ‘tribe’ has a positive impact on a person’s day-to-day happiness, motivation and career development.

It is particularly important in a post-pandemic, hybrid and increasingly flexible world, and we work hard to ensure small teams can work well together, while still being part of a wider group:

  • Family: With three to seven members, this is your immediate team.
  • Village: Consisting of three to five teams, your ‘village’ is your second level of support. You’ll often participate in training sessions, celebration nights and bonding activities together. If needed, the families in a village can support one another by sharing people and resources.
  • Tribe: A tribe includes a maximum of 25 teams, and it’s a great way to learn, grow and connect with a larger community.   

This translates to multiple layers of support. Throw in structured monthly check-ins and annual surveys to measure how our team is doing from a wellbeing point of view, and it’s clear that we’re always looking at new ways to improve. Not only to ensure that you never feel alone, but that you benefit from an engaged, dynamic and forward-looking FCM tribe!

Asia FCM Tribe

Our Asia tribe with representatives from our India, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia & Japan businesses


2. Flexibility comes standard

We know that today’s employees are demanding more and more flexibility (in terms of where, when and how work can be done) as they strive for better work-life balance. We get it.

At FCM we offer flexibility to all our employees wherever possible. This could mean flexible working hours or work-from-home, or a bit of both. This approach helps our employees with their mental health by reducing commuting time and allowing them the ability to work in a safe and comfortable environment.


Some of our team taking the option to work from home


3. The chance to relax and unwind

While we all have work to do, we also know how important get-togethers are for team morale. The FCM social calendar includes team dinners and events throughout the year – not to mention our annual ball in July!

We also give people the opportunity to bond with their team outside of a work environment. Whether it’s running a marathon to raise money for charity, beach clean-ups or badminton, there really is something for everyone. And if you’re keen to get involved in our CSR projects, we’ll offer you paid volunteer leave too. It’s just another way you can get to know your FCM family, village or tribe – while making a difference.

Singapore Race Against Cancer

Our road runners at Singapore Race Against Cancer 2022


4. Being kind – and true – to yourself 

It might sound obvious, but it’s really important to take regular breaks to rest and reset. For this reason, we encourage our people to take holiday leave, so they can return refreshed, re-energised and ready to take on the world!

We also encourage staff to be true to their authentic self at work. As such, we provide the flexibility to take sabbatical leave if they have a personal goal to meet, be it starting a family or furthering their studies. Not only does this reduce burnout, but it means our people often come back with new ideas and strategies.

And if you have a passion outside of work, we’re all in! We love it when our team explore new recreational activities, keep fit, and have a positive outlook on life.

Team mates break

Some of our team on a well deserved break


5. Employee Assistance Programme

Of course, it’s not all sunshine and roses. We know life can be challenging at times. FCM’s Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) provides employees (and their family members) with a platform to seek expert guidance, work-life counselling and specialist support on any kind of issue, from everyday challenges to more serious mental wellbeing problems.

A 24/7 hotline provides instant support, or employee can access the online platform for tips, advice and guidance.


Help’s always just a call away


Mental Health Day 2022

It’s important to mark and acknowledge World Mental Health Day. This year’s theme is a call to “make mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority” – and we couldn’t agree more. We’re passionate about investing in, protecting and improving our employees’ health and wellbeing, be it through workplace counselling, webinars, workshops and personal development.

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