Drive an intelligent hotel programme through the Hotel Optimisation Guide

We’re absolutely convinced that the best way to book hotels is with a TMC. Through our findings into the planning, booking and expense management habits of customers, it’s clear that companies with a managed hotel programme can achieve a fulfilment in safety and duty of care responsibilities, an average increase of 30% in programme compliance and at least 8% improvement in savings and value-adds.  

That’s why we’re determined to offer you the easiest way to do this – through our Hotel Optimisation Guide.

Our Hotel Optimisation Guide is designed for companies with real problems in mind, packed with practical know-hows so you can apply immediately.

It’s a guide where we share insider secrets on how to increase the value of your hotel programme, where your travellers will thank you for booking the best hotels that matches their requirements to a tee, where you can have ease of mind on- or off-work knowing their accommodation locations at the back of your hand. 

Download our guide to: 

  • Find out 11 ways to increase the value of your hotel programme and what you’re currently missing. 
  • Learn what a holistic end-to-end managed hotel programme should look like. 
  • Master the art of satisfying your travellers on their bookings without having to tear your hair out and trawling multiple sites to book that perfect best rate for your travellers. 
  • Review the endless reporting and analysis possibilities including supplier compliance and consolidation, duty of care and traveller tracking, performance and savings metrics, CSR and sustainability dashboards and many more. 
  • Gain insights on what a personalised hotel programme can do for your business.  
        Hotel Optimisation guide

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