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Travel approvals in one touch

Without a system in place, travel approvals can get messy. Nuances are missed, deadlines are pushed, and travel policy can be completely abandoned.

You need a streamlined approval system that can be customised to your travel policy, and you need it now.

Our easy-to-use tools give you the power of instant approvals and accurate information, right in the palm of your hand.

On any device you can:

  • Connect with your online booking tools
  • Request travel authorisation before booking
  • Capture key reporting data
  • Easily manage all your pending approvals in one place
  • View and approve “my travellers” dashboard with just one click

Whether you’re handling approvals pre or post trip, or across your entire company, we will remove the endless back-and-forth and make approvals simple.

 Stay on top of your programme

Stay on top of your programme

Your travel policy is what guides your company’s entire travel management process. Without it, you could find yourself experiencing spend leakage and out of policy bookings. In saying that, you can have the best travel policy in the world, but it won’t count for much if nobody follows it.

Align your travel policy with our approval technology. No matter how complex your travel needs are, we will work with you to seamlessly integrate them into our system. Keep your travellers safe and within policy... and on budget – bonus!

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Does your travel policy need an upgrade?

Put your travel policy to the test with our Global Policy Benchmarking Tool.

Our tool benchmarks travel policies from different customers and industries. See how your current travel policy compares and find out where you can make improvements to take your travel programme to the next level.

Benchmark my policy

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