Janine McCarthy

Janine McCarthy

Team Manager, FCM Ireland


What did you enjoy studying in school e.g. favourite subjects? What does that mean for you now?

Probably English, I loved reading. I was always super organised at school, everything had its place. Even now I drive people mad with my organisation, and I am always early for everything.

What’s your career trajectory – have you always been in travel?

I’ve always been in travel even when I lived in the UK, where I’m from. I came to Ireland 23 years ago for a year and ended up staying.

I’ve always worked for FCM here, including working part-time for 17 years whilst my children were small. When I came back to full time and then became a team leader in 2022 it was actually a big jump for me. I wouldn’t say I ever saw this in my career but when the opportunity came I nervously took it and am enjoying it!

What do you consider your greatest career achievements?   

In my working career, dealing with some of the biggest and busiest travel accounts that Ireland would have.


What do you think is your most important lessons learned?  

Take the leap, don’t settle for the normal, break out of that comfort zone and what you are used to. Because you don’t know what you’re capable of until you have tried it!

What do you think it means to be a woman in a senior leadership position?  

I think it is important to see women in leadership roles as I think it shows the way all industries are changing.

There are lots of opportunities for women in travel, you just have to look for them. FCM and FCTG is very inclusive as a company.