Fireside Chat

The human side of change management

Change isn't easy. There's technical and human elements to consider. The technical part, a new system or process, is relatively easy to figure out. But human behaviour and habits? That's more difficult. 

In this Fireside Chat, Scott Reddie, Global Director of Account Management and Shaun Clear, Global Head of Implementation of FCM talk about the internal experiences of introducing a new project management tool to the FCM team. It has shaped what they do for our clients. "Change should be seen as a celebration and evolution, and not painful," says Shaun. 

Scott and Shaun's advice applies to whether you are about to implement a new TMC or any other project that means changes for your employees. In the video they discuss:

  • Importance of feedback loops 
  • The ADKAR methodology and framework
  • How to drive change internally 
  • How innovation ties into change management