Introducing FCM Travel  

When you’re searching for a new role, it’s natural to have questions about the companies you’re researching. Here are some answers to the questions you may have when it comes to FCM.  

What FCM does

Who are FCM? 

FCM is a travel management company, usually shortened to TMC. We run corporate travel programmes for some of the world’s largest companies including Toyota, Shell, Proctor & Gamble and the government sector, as well as companies based in Singapore and throughout Asia.  

What does ‘running a travel programme’ mean?  

Making business travel easy! We take a company’s travel requirements and manage everything that comes with it. Customers are set up with a technology platform to take care of flights, hotel, rail and other travel bookings, but there’s always a travel expert a phone call away if they need additional support. Even in an emergency and outside usual business hours, there’s a travel expert to support our customers. Tech and support are tweaked to cater to their specific needs. For example, if the client wants a limit on how much is spent per hotel night, we can customise the tech platform to their specifications. 

So, you’re more than a travel agent? 

Yes! We book and support work trips like a travel agent, but there’s lots more that our corporate customers get from working with us. Our services range from customised reporting to traveller tracking dashboards and a dedicated account manager to reach customer goals. We achieve their objectives together! 

Life at FCM

What's it like working at FCM? 

It really varies. Our account managers are always keeping clients updated on the latest industry know-how, our agents go out of their way to assist those on the road, and our tech teams are working on redesigning best-in-class travel technology.  

What unites us is our passion for travel, and our drive for amazing customer experiences. And with a smile on our faces! When people love what they do, they thrive, so we’re always aiming to have a culture that’s second to none. Discover 6 reasons why our employees love our company culture.

Are you only in Singapore? 

No, we have offices in over 100 countries, with thousands of employees. Truly global! When you’re working with global players like we do, you need a presence wherever they are.  

Wow, that’s big! 

Yes, we’re part of Flight Centre Travel Group that works with businesses for corporate travel as well as serving leisure travellers. The diversity enables us to have a strong understanding of what’s happening in the travel industry and to foster solid relationships with suppliers such as airlines and hotel chains. That way, we can always bring the best to any customer. Before the pandemic, FCTG had a Profit before Tax (PBT) of SG$330.18m and we expect to reach that level again within a few years.  

FCM in 2022

After the pandemic, I’m a little worried about working at a travel company. Is my job going to be secure? 

The pandemic was a tough time. Travel was hit hard. But we believe that the worst is well and truly behind us. While the rest of the industry sits at 60% of pre-COVID bookings, we are already over 90%. So, it’s fair to say we’re outpacing competitors when it comes to recovery and reason for lots of optimism. A career at FCM is a safe and long-term choice.  

What kind of people are you looking for? 

Those from all walks of life! Are you a customer service aficionado? A travel industry veteran? A budding tech guru? There’s a place for everyone in our organisation and we’re excited to have you join the business. FCM is growing quickly and people are eager to travel, so we’re ready and raring to go.  

What are the opportunities like in the company? 

They're the best! Our people are always first in line when it comes to new positions and we advocate a “promote from within” culture. You could start in customer service and end up as our Chief Technology Officer, or join our sales team and eventually head up the company. There really are lots of opportunities.   

Ready to sign up? Visit our jobs page to see what opportunities are available at FCM. 

Meet the parents 

FCM is the flagship business division of ASX-listed Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) and celebrated its 40th birthday in 2022. You’ll not only have the expertise and knowledge of those working in the FCM brand, but across a group of thousands of travel professionals.  

So don’t be alarmed when you visit our careers site and see the FCTG logo! It's our parent company careers site that houses all the exciting roles at FCM.  

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