The Culture Is Better At FCM

Ask our people about what they love about working at FCM and they’ll all say they love their team and the environment here. What makes it so great? Here’s just six of the many reasons why.

6 reasons why employees love our culture

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It's in our DNA. For our teams and clients. We provide our employees with the flexibility to work remotely where possible while maintaining the high quality of service you expect. In the Universum 2002 Top 100 Ideal Employer Rankings, students listed their top preference in an employer as encouraging work-life balance, so it's a top priority in the workplace now. We trust our employees to work days at home to save on their commute or to log off early if we’ll see them online later in the day. In that environment, there’s more time for creative thinking and flexibility to tackle any challenge or disruption that comes their way.

Everyone’s equal

In FCM, there is no difference. Management is not in their glass-walled corner office. Our leaders are constantly visible in the office, interacting with the team and understanding business requirements. Due to our flat management structure, everyone has access to any leader in the company, not just their leader. Socializing with everyone and listening in on the day's hot topics.

You can be yourself

Our employees should never feel like they have to tone down "being them" at work. They don’t have to put on a corporate face; they love that they can be themselves and share their true selves with colleagues. From the way they talk to the way they dress and how they define themselves, we welcome them! They're in a safe space with us.

It’s all about social

It's not all work and no play. A big part of working at FCM is getting to know one another both inside and outside of the workplace. There's always something going on, from team dinners and drinks to team sailing trips and treasure hunts with our hotel suppliers.

The travel!

Travel lover? You're in the right place. We’re a company of travelers; our parent company’s vision is “to open up the world for those who want to see”.

We’ll make sure there’s an opportunity to get together, as we believe that a strong bond between employees can lead to higher-quality work that benefits our clients. Our summer flyaway parties take place in Hong Kong, Bali, and Japan. Every year, we throw the ultimate travel party, Global Gathering. It's a gathering of thousands of high-performing "Flighties" (as we're known) flying out to celebrate our accomplishments. Las Vegas, Berlin, Macau, and Hawaii, among many others, have been visited.

The people

We saved the best for last. For the majority of our people, our favourite thing about the company is... each other. Our teams are diverse and welcoming. Everyone gets to know their teammates here, and not just through their jobs and meetings. Work is more enjoyable when team members are more like friends than colleagues, as we believe a happy work environment leads to a happy client.
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