Business Traveller Wellbeing:

Hype or Game-Changer?

Ever wonder what the real scoop is on wellbeing in the workplace? Is it the secret sauce to a healthy office vibe or just a fad that’ll end up costing you more than that cold-pressed green juice? 

And what's the actual rands-and-cents deal here? Does a happy worker bee really make more honey? And have we maybe gone a smidge over the top in our quest for zen offices and jetlag-free travels for corporate travel? 

Our brand-new white paper, “From Green Juices to Yoga Breaks: Has Business Travel's Wellness Trend Gone Overboard?” dives deep into the corporate wellness wave, and in particular business traveller wellbeing. 

What you will learn from this white paper:

1. How to Get the ROI You Want From a Wellness Programme

Unlock the value of employee health and wellbeing that drives productivity, boosts morale, and improves employee retention. 

2. What Your Responsibilities Are—And What Are 'Nice to Haves' 

No fluff, just facts. Learn the essentials that need to be in your employee wellbeing programme and what can wait for phase two—or never. 

3. How Your Travel Programme Can Get a Wellness Upgrade 

Your employees don't leave their wellness needs at the airport. Discover ways to keep them fit, focused, and fabulous, even 30,000 feet in the air. 

Are you ready to hop on the wellness train (er, plane) of business traveller wellbeing? 

Take the first step in ensuring your company's travel policies are both healthy and cost-effective for every business trip!

Download the white paper now!


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