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Do you find yourself with a travel manager who’s tasked with balancing the responsibilities of a full-time travel department?

While travel may not be back to pre-COVID levels, it is certainly rebounding. You may not be in a position to justify a full-time travel department, but your volume may be high enough that a single travel professional just isn’t enough. FCM Consulting can help.

Director, Ashley Gutermuth, walks us though how FCM Consulting can help save your business time, money and resource by delivering the level of expertise needed for your specific volume of travel.

We call it the Outsource Travel Resource (OTR) solution. Whole lot of knowledge, whole lot of savings.

Meet the local consulting team

These people work on making travel management better for you.

John Tan, Lead Analyst

John studied business and management information systems and has a decade of experience in different data-related roles. His wide-ranging data-backed experience has been focused around key industries including government, automotive, banking and finance, tech and consulting. John shifted his focus to the managed travel space recently because of his keen interest in aviation trends and a strong desire to be challenged in an industry that is currently undergoing massive transformation.

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We’re making it easy for clients to manage their current volume of business travel.

Check out this case study from one of our technology clients who utilised FCM Consulting to implement an OTR Admin to effectively support their programme, delivering an increase in traveller satisfaction and secured savings. 

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