The various roles at FCM  

It takes a village of people to deliver amazing customer experiences. Here are the departments you'll find at FCM. Is your next opportunity in one of them?


Meet our President: Billy McDonough

When you have an alternative mindset, it helps to have leaders that like to do things differently. Our President of FCM Americas, Billy McDonough, definitely loves the unconventional! He also takes time to understand everyone’s needs, from local to global, customers and team members alike. His biggest takeaway? FCM is an environment where people are encouraged to be themselves, no matter their background.  

Travel Consultant 

They are the heart of our team. Travel Consultants are the ones that our travelers speak to every day, the ones on the phones booking travel at the best rates, and using their extensive knowledge along with their expert tips to make work trips a success. With a strong team around you and uncapped earning potential, there’s plenty of reasons to love being an FCM Travel Consultant.

Junior Travel Consultant

In addition to more seasoned Travel Consultants, we also have a position called Junior Travel Consultant. In this particular role, we offer comprehensive training to those with no previous experience with travel consulting.

Operations Leader 

A combination of teachers, mentors, and there-for-you colleagues, Operations Leaders are there to support travel consultants in every way, including making sure they have the tools they need. This role is a great opportunity for consultants to grow into, with some progressing to a leadership role in few years. The sky's the limit!

Business Development Manager 

98% of our clients stay with us year after year, so it’s fair to say they love us. But there are still people out there who haven't discovered the alternative, and our business development managers (BDMs) are here to spread the word. Every day they’re talking to businesses from multinational household names, to thriving United States startups, and finding ways that we can help find efficiencies and savings in their travel programs. 

Work station

Account Manager 

Expertise and business support is a big reason why companies want to work with us. This is all channeled through our Account Managers, who really take on any corporate travel challenge thrown their way. Whether it’s figuring out how to reduce traveler stress, streamlining booking time, or managing costs, our Account Managers find a way, with data always at their fingertips. It's their strategic view and travel expertise that drive client goals.


When your clients expect industry-leading technology, you need an experienced, agile-thinking team behind your solutions. Our technology teams do just that, working with our customers and those around the business to build tools that work not just for the travel landscape of today, but the future too. Their work makes bookings smoother, mitigating crisis & risk simpler, and demystifies financial data. Every business problem is an opportunity for innovation.  


When you spend $50 million on travel every year, you can't make decisions concerning your travel program lightly. It takes a team of experts to get our clients online safely and efficiently, using global standards but taking note of the local nuances on the way. It's all about ensuring the client starts out on their FCM journey on the right foot.

Information Infrastructure  

“Your password is like your underwear, you should change it frequently and never share it with anyone." Not a quote you’d usually expect from your head of IT security? That’s because this is no normal IT team. Far from being locked in the basement, IT Crowd-style, our IT team is made up of a mix of coding geniuses and infrastructure experts who think outside the box.

Woman on laptop

Commercial Teams

We take customer-first to another level. Our commercial teams look after the lifecycle of a client from when they first see our name, to when they become clients for life. 

  • Marketing has in-depth product knowledge, strategy, design, and writing skills to best communicate our brand, people, and services. This diverse group is there for anything that needs sharing in or outside the business, from our latest exciting product launches to our financial results.  

  • Sales has a customer-focused mindset to find alternative ways to help potential new customers. They work in tandem with customers to discover their pain points and show how FCM can be the changemakers they need.  

  • Solution Design bridges that gap between Sales and Onboarding, diving into a customer’s business to really understand what they need, what can’t change, and what opportunities are available.


This team is about more than spreadsheets. They're the investment pros that keep our company on track and in the black, from airline and hotel relations, to looking for the best new companies to invest in. A job on our finance team offers far more opportunity and flexibility than similar careers anywhere else. 

Human Resources 

With all this talk of flexibility, it’s important we take the same approach for our employees. They get all the perks of how workplaces should be, without losing the culture that makes us unique. It’s the employee whisperers in our HR department that are a huge part of keeping our teams happy.  


FCM prides itself on solid travel supplier partnerships. It's our connections and insider information from contacts in airlines, hotels, car rental firms, taxi companies, visa experts, technology companies, risk management providers, and more that not only mean our customers get the best rates, but we’re first to know about news and updates.   

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