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Th!nk takes you on a journey of travel thought leadership and thought disruption. FCM has teamed up with the brilliant minds at GBTA to bring you this one-of-a-kind virtual event that challenges the status quo and brings an alternative mindset to corporate travel, both now and in the future. Get a fresh perspective on the current travel landscape with global trends and local insights while learning about the latest innovations in corporate travel. Below we're featuring sessions from around the world and there's a lot more where that came from. Fill out the form below to unlock the Th!nk on-demand library with even more insights. 

US | Why digital transformation success is led by human capital, not just IT


Futurist Shivvy Jervis turns moderator to grill tech experts on where travel slots into the new world of work. Let’s examine the changes in the workplace, the approach to innovation and skills needed to be future-ready and how businesses should adapt.

UK | Global State of the Market: The bounce-back of business travel


"Business travel might be back, but it looks a little different." Watch as Marcus Eklund at FCM Travel, talks through the main impact on individual travelers, corporates, meetings & events and travel suppliers moving forward.

US | Where Does 'Revenge Travel' fit in with Corporate Travel?

Have you heard of 'revenge travel'? This current phenomenon is sweeping the world in response to COVID-19 restrictions lifting. Road warriors are ready and eager to travel again, whether it be for business or leisure, and companies are more than happy to oblige. But is there such a thing as a corporate travel over-correction? Is it possible to swing too much in the other direction, and what do you need from your TMC to help you maintain equilibrium?

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We have so many questions about the current and future state of corporate travel. And while many of these conversations so far have been rooted in educated conjecture, it's about time we start adding legitimacy to these debates with one indisputable factor: data.
Still trying to wrap your head around the Metaverse, never mind what it means for corporate travel? You aren't alone. Dan Nieves, Head of Commercial Sales at Meta's Reality Labs, joins John Morhous, Chief Experience Officer at FCTG Americas to break down what everyone is wondering: what is the Metaverse, what is its potential influence, and does this online community have the power to replace travel?
What do you get when you give two corporate travel experts only thirty minutes to answer ten of the travel industry's most hotly-debated GDS questions? You'll have to tune in to find out. Listen in as Sundar Narasimhan, SVP and President at Sabre Labs, and Florian Mueller, Air Practice Lead at FCM Consulting, share their thoughts.

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