Delivering consistent travel management service to Snap-on in China

Established in the 1920s in Wisconsin, USA, Snap-on has evolved over several decades into a globally recognized leader in professional tools and equipment manufacturing. An S&P 500 corporation, Snap-on, and its brands command an extraordinary presence across over 150 countries and regions. This includes China, where FCM was tasked with consolidating and enhancing Snap-on’s travel program.

FCM Travel | Case Study | Snap On

Challenge: inconsistent travel management in China

Snap-on's footprint in China was comprised of Snap-on Trading Co., Ltd., based in Shanghai and Beijing, as well as multiple factories in provinces throughout China. Significant challenges included travel service fragmentation and inconsistent quality across travel program operations.

Seeking a cohesive and integrated travel management solution, Snap-on turned to FCM to streamline its services in China. To achieve success, FCM would first need to demonstrate that it could first provide consistent service to Snap-on Trading Co., Ltd.

FCM Travel | Case Study | Snap On

Solution: personalization and communication

FCM appointed dedicated travel consultants who were trained on Snap-on's unique requirements. Emphasis was placed on Snap-on’s VIP travelers in China, with tailored services ranging from preferred seats, personalized meal selections, and efficient management of traveler loyalty program points.

Consistent communication was an important component of FCM’s strategy for Snap-on in China. FCM account managers interacted regularly with Snap-on leadership to swiftly address issues and ensure smooth operations. This included quarterly reports offering analytical insights and recommendations for improvement.

Results: long-term partnership and expansion in China

As FCM earned Snap-on’s trust in China, it was awarded access to manage travel for additional factories and locations throughout the country. FCM adapted to the nuances and reservation preferences of travelers and procedures in each branch, extending its high service levels to these locations as the program grew.

Continued expansion and partnership

“FCM is able to provide localized services that meet our needs in China. As such, we hope to establish long-term cooperation with FCM China,” said Helen Jiang, administration manager of Snap-on China.

FCM’s long-term cooperation with Snap-on has continued as its operations in China expanded. FCM has been a consistent travel management partner throughout this expansion by collaborating, adapting, and offering personal service to Snap-on and its travelers over nearly two decades.

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