Keeping travelers safe through natural disasters


Traveling through Hurricane Florence

On August 31st, 2018, the beginnings of Hurricane Florence formed near Cape Verde. Over the next 18 days, the storm grew into a category 4 major hurricane, wreaking havoc on its path. A number of our travelers were soon to be stuck in a storm, with all their travel plans blown away.



The Challenge:

Keeping our travelers safe and informed.

As the intensity and danger of Hurricane Florence grew, it was our responsibility to make sure our travelers had all the details and help they needed. Every traveler in the path of the hurricane needed to be updated with the latest, most accurate forecasts. Flights needed to be changed, accommodation extended, and we needed to keep an eye on all of our travelers to ensure their safety.

Worldwide intelligence and easy tracking

We needed to fill our customers in on what was happening, and we needed to do it fast. Our first step was to notify all of our travelers in the area about Hurricane Florence’s path. This came down to our seamless technology. Our precision GPS tracking sought out all travelers in the danger zone and let them know what was going on days before the hurricane hit land.

Once our travelers knew what was happening, we helped them do something about it. With advance notice, we were able to help our travelers change their reservations at no extra cost. Flights were changed and travel plans were rescheduled to ensure every traveler had a safe place to be and a way home once the hurricane passed.

Worldwide intelligence and easy tracking SAM

While we kept our travelers informed, we also kept their travel managers in the loop. Our dashboard gave travel managers insight into all the alerts that impacted their travelers. With just one touch they could see a map of all their travelers currently in any given region, allowing them to keep a close eye on their people.

Keeping Travellers Safe Through Hurricane Florence

Be prepared for any travel disaster

With our leading technology and travel experts on your side, you and your travelers will be able to react and adapt to any travel disaster that comes your way. Give your travelers the best travel risk solutions in the palm of their hand with:

  • Access to worldwide travel alerts.
  • Innovative traveler tracking.
  • Crisis communication protocol.
  • Stay up to date and keep your travelers safe on any device, anywhere in the world, any time.

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