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A lengthy RFP isn’t necessarily the mark of a successful RFP. In some cases, short and simple is best, defining the key requirements of your business. Focus on question quality, not quantity and ask questions which prompt creative answers. Or, put another way, focus on questions that each TMC will answer differently, not the ones they will answer the same.

Here’s an RFP we received recently from an international quality, audit and consultancy firm.

We loved this RFP because it gave us the best possible chance to:

  • Explain how we would improve their travel program
  • Differentiate ourselves from our competitors
  • Demonstrate our understanding of the client’s culture and philosophy
  • Explore the synergies between the client and ourselves

The RFP consisted of only 10 questions.

  1. Please provide details of the core services provided by your company and how they will benefit our program
  2. Which markets do you operate in?
  3. Describe your current customer base, with a focus on customers with similar program requirements to ours
  4. Outline areas of innovation you anticipate seeing over the next 12 months and describe how you will help us benefit from them
  5. Explain what differentiates you from your industry peers
  6. What does our brand mean to you?
  7. How will you measure return on investment?
  8. Based on our program, how will you reduce cost without any negative impact on service?
  9. Based on our program, what improvements could you achieve?
  10. Strategic relationship – what does this mean to you and what is the benefit for our company and yours?


Constructing the RFP questions is just one part of process in selecting the right travel management company for your business. Get the full picture by downloading our step by step guide today.


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