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Discover the 3 Pillars of Corporate Travel Program Consolidation 

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It’s time to think strategically when facing a travel program consolidation 

The motivators for travel program consolidation may seem obvious. You want one point of contact, one fee structure, one vendor, but you may be surprised to hear that consolidation is much more nuanced. 

By partnering with hundreds of multinational enterprise clients, we’ve identified three categories, or pillars, seen in corporate travel program consolidations. Understanding these pillars can help make sure you are tacking the process strategically and without unneeded complications.  

This resource will help you... 

  • Identify which type of consolidation pillar best fits your requirements  
  • See examples of how organizations have mastered consolidation challenges 
  • Feel confident in taking the first step towards successful travel program consolidation 

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Your consolidation project can be complex without being complicated. Want to know more? Reach out to us. 

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