Our partnership with AirPlus allows travelers peace of mind that their bills are settled, they no longer need to carry a company credit card and time is saved due to integrated data sets allowing for touchless reconciliation at any time.

FCM Travel Solutions have further integrated with AirPlus billing within the FCM product suite and data bank. This will provide clients with complete visibility, travel data, both booked and charged data, in one place.

This provides an end-to-end travel solution for our clients, while providing many benefits:

  • Business Travel Dedicated Credit Line – get approved for a credit line that is specifically for your business travel that provides flexible billing terms; handles seasonal fluctuations and offers 24/7 authorizations
  • Full Detailed Travel Reporting – have the complete picture of where your travel dollars are being spent with both booked and charged transaction data
  • Reconciliation – gain the savings that come with automated reconciliation with enhanced data that can be directly fed into your general ledger and expense management systems.
  • Global Solutions – payment solutions that work globally so no matter where you travel, we have you covered.
  • Fraud Prevention – with the virtual nature of the payment solutions and increased security features available, we can reduce client risk of fraud

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