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Built around the needs of our customers, we’ve developed proprietary technology to tackle the problems, challenges and tedium faced by managers, bookers and travelers across the globe. With flexible integrations and a smooth, AI-powered experience across all devices, FCM’s all-in-one platform makes your day to day easier than ever. 

No more slogging through logins.

It’s time to discover the alternative.


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Omni-channel approvals 

Gather all your travel approvals in one unified dashboard – no matter the booking tool, no matter the device. Spend less time clicking around and more time saying yes. With the ability to tick off approvals from anywhere, FCM’s platform is as flexible as you are.   

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seemless integration




Seamless integration 

Redefine how your business travels with the best rates and content, all in one place. No more switching systems — experience slick integrations and an even slicker user experience. 






24/7 365 traveler support  

All your communication needs, united at last. Help your travelers stay connected with 24/7 chat support from real-life agents and award-winning AI-powered assistance.  

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From approvals to in-app messaging, our demo covers the highlights of our all-in-one technology.


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Smart fare




Smarter fare shopping 

Preserve your travel budget with automated global re-shopping, even after purchase. Giving your travelers the best choices at unbeatable rates.


Ai Reporting




AI-powered reporting 

Pioneered by us, AI-powered reporting now produces predictive analytics and actionable insights, powered by our Intelligent Data Platform. The best just got better.  

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Go greener  

Put sustainability at the forefront of your travel strategy with real-time impact reporting and actionable guidance to achieve your sustainability KPIs.  


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