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Influence traveler behavior at point of booking

You put a lot of time and energy into crafting the perfect travel policy for your enterprise, so it’s doubly frustrating when bookings and traveler decisions still fall through the cracks. Out-of-policy bookings cost money, time, and at worst, put travelers at risk. At this point, you probably feel the need to stand over your travelers’ shoulders just to make sure they’re booking correctly.

Don’t dust off your megaphone just yet – there’s a better way to get the message out.

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The FCM Extension is a simple browser plugin that provides travelers with enhanced decision-making support (and you with peace of mind).

The FCM Extension works smarter, not harder.

Just-in-time comms

Empower your travelers with pre- and point-of-booking notifications, keeping them informed. 

  • Alert travelers to unused tickets, vouchers, and credits to protect your bottom line 

  • Sustainability notifications from Thrust Carbon serve up greener trip options 

  • Remind travelers of company policy, and redirect them back to your OBT 


Intuitive duty of care

We know safety is your first priority. It’s ours too, and the FCM Extension is your ally when it comes to duty of care. 

  • Push out safety alerts due to location, weather, political unrest, and more. 

  • Provide infectious disease from Riskline and entry requirement alerts via SHERPA 

  • Send out customized safety notifications specific to your company’s policy 


Consistent & omnipresent

The FCM Extension is always there to provide travelers with timely pertinent information. 

  • The Extension operates on over 2,000 websites, with notifications tailored to your program, aimed at changing booking behavior 

  • Install it on your browser once, and it will be there for every session! 

  • Agile implementation allows for streamlined deployment to your Chrome & Edge browsers

Your eco-friendly sidekick

The FCM Extension can support your travel program’s sustainability measures, focusing first on awareness and then on changing behaviors, ultimately making sustainable choices second nature.

Carbon footprint alerts

Nothing is more humbling than seeing that your trip’s carbon output is equivalent to flying to the Moon, or it would take planting hundreds of trees to offset your emissions. Real-life examples like this put sustainability into perspective.

Policy initiative reminders

It’s important to explain to travelers why you’re taking sustainable steps. Alerts that appear during the booking flow make the updates feel natural and contextual.

Greener trip options

There’s no use in telling travelers that their trip choices are unsustainable without offering them better alternatives. The Extension can serve up air and hotel options that are more eco-friendly.
Case Study: How Discovery Inc. embraced FCM Extension

A journey of Discovery

Discovery, Inc. needed a solution that would supercharge their traveler communications as business travel resumed in 2021. The FCM Extension (formerly known as Shep), was the answer.

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It has become more important than ever to ensure that we get the message to travelers at the time they are making their travel booking. So, when FCM proposed Shep, I knew this was the answer for us.

- Yukari Tortorich, VP of Global Travel Services, Discovery Inc.

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Join Harcher Batravil, FCM's Solutions Engineer, on a guided tour of his top 5 features of the FCM Extension.

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