Access all the duty of care tips and tricks that come with years of travel management experience.


Safety across the globe

No matter the circumstances, FCM has your back.

We’ll work with you to develop strategies that help mitigate travel risk, keeping you flexible and agile to an evolving travel climate.

Our technology is built to keep your travelers safe, and our dedicated people are available around the clock to provide support in any and every situation.

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Proactive measures

FCM takes an intelligent approach to duty of care, offering 24/7 access to a host of advanced travel risk management tools and dashboards to ensure you’re informed and can act fast in a time of emergency.

Our crisis communications process is driven by Crisis24’s Management Team. Critical information, sourced by intelligence analysts, is pushed out via e-mail and SMS 24/7 whenever an incident occurs.

Alerts are also sent to travelers via the FCM Mobile app, giving you peace of mind that your travelers are always armed with relevant information at their fingertips.

And if you’re looking to contact them at a moment’s notice, our easy contact option from your itinerary list will have you connected in seconds.

The corporate travel world moves fast nowadays. Stay up to date with all the latest news and useful information at your fingertips.
Our technology is designed to keep your travelers safe and informed, and our travel experts are just a call away day or night.
Easily gather information on all of your traveller’s whereabouts, schedules, departures, and any other metric you need to ensure traveller safety.

Safety in numbers

Our Reporting makes it easy to gather the information on all of your travelers’ whereabouts, schedules, departures, and any other metrics needed in a time of crisis.

AI Reporting quickly delivers the statistics you need to respond to a critical incident within seconds, through its intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

No more waiting days for a custom report either. Just your travel data, your way, whenever you need it.

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