How to keep connected in a disconnected business travel world


Keeping business CONNECTED.

Social distancing. Virtual platforms. Masks.

No wonder we have all started to feel a tad ‘disconnected’ in our new world. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

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As we see business travel resume, we’ve made it our mission to keep you connected in a disconnected world.

That requires a new and unconventional approach. An alternative mindset which puts people, information, innovation and responsible travel at the heart of any travel programme.

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Let’s Connect Mask to Mask

The world has changed. And with change comes opportunity.  Opportunity to reimagine, rethink, restart. But: one thing will never change. The need to connect with other humans will always be part of our lives. It will just look a bit different.

Don’t think you can connect face-to-face again? Well, let’s connect mask-to-mask. We’ll make it possible and safe. So, don your mask, pack your hand sanitiser and rely on us. We have the most exceptional industry experts, ground-breaking technology and flexible solutions. Don’t settle for average. Discover better. Discover the alternative. 

Business Travel Safely Connected

Can South Africans travel to London, New York, Beijing or even Johannesburg on business? It takes patience and perseverance to figure out who’s allowed into which country (not to mention, how and when).

FCM tackles the current chaos head on, explores new ways of doing things, and brings you reliable and up-to-date information when you need it. We deliver creative and seamless solutions for companies who are venturing back onto the road and into the skies. Our priority? To keep travellers safe at all times!

We’ll be at your side and guide you as you venture back to your business travels. How do we do it? We put the traveller at the heart of the travel programme. We conduct wellbeing reviews and report back. We develop travel policies that fit in with your company’s needs and tailor-make air and hotel programmes.  

A Missed Connection? Re-united!

Global lockdowns saw most of us pivot to remote working and embrace virtual platforms like Zoom, Trello and G-Suite. Working from home had its perks. Who can say they never secretly wore pyjama bottoms to an important online meeting?

Fast-forward a couple of months, and the endless Zoom galleries lost their sparkle. Employees reported that video calls simply lacked warmth, humour and human connection. People missed the spontaneity of ‘real life’ meetings, the creative sparring and brainstorming in the boardroom, and the off-the-cuff remarks that can take a meeting or idea in a completely different direction. And – if you’re going to sign a multimillion deal, you need to shake (or at least bump elbows) on it.

At FCM, we’ll get you to meet colleagues again across the world in the most seamless and safest way possible.

A Connection that Seals the Deal.

As business travel begins to recover, more and more travellers are hitting the road. But how can you maximise your productivity while on the move? How do you cut through the chaos and uncertainty, and ensure that your trips are smooth, successful – and worthwhile?

A productive trip comes down to solid planning and accurate information. Today’s traveller needs to deal with COVID protocols and a destination’s rules and regulations on arrival. It’s important to plan ahead in terms of COVID testing requirements if you’re travelling regionally or internationally, but also to give yourself enough time at the airport. A rushed, stressful journey can torpedo a successful trip before it really begins.

We’ve got plenty of tricks up our sleeve to make travel as seamless and productive as possible.

SKF Travel Programme Framework Case Study | FCM Travel

A Connected Environment.

The pandemic has brought out our inner eco-warriors. For companies this means sustainability is firmly back on the table. What does a more sustainable travel policy look like? Expect explicit definitions of ‘essential’ trips and an encouragement for employees to use videoconferencing wherever possible.

There are a number of different tools that companies can use today. These include carbon calculators to measure your climate footprint and carbon offsetting programmes to mitigate the impact of those emissions that you can’t reduce.

Soon you’ll be able to add filters that allow you to book flights in a more sustainable way, or choose greener accommodation options. You will even be able to choose the most environmentally-friendly route, which will be calculated on the distance between two locations and how many layovers are required. It’s an exciting prospect.

Smart CONNECTED Technology

Based on a survey commissioned by trusted travel tech company, Amadeus, 84% of the 6,000 travellers interviewed said that technology would boost their confidence to travel in the next 12 months. When asked to be more specific about what type of technology would provide a much-needed sense of relief, the majority responded by saying that mobile applications offering on-trip notifications are at the top of the list, closely followed by contactless mobile payment options.

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For travellers today, 24/7 availability is not just a convenience, it is a necessity. Mobile apps like FCM’s chatbot SAM:] are quickly becoming the best solutions for around-the-clock service. SAM :] is programmed to keep travellers updated at all times, from weather updates at the destination to information on the traveller’s departure gate, flight time changes and where to collect baggage. The power of technology is changing the very nature of corporate travel, making it feel more like leisure travel with a smarter focus.


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