Handle travel disruption like a pro with FCM’s agile tech solutions

From unexpected delays, missed connections and the stress of last-minute flight changes, as frequent travellers we’ve all been there, done that.

COVID-19 has added additional layers of complexity and uncertainty. But while business travel can seem daunting at the moment, FCM is tackling disruption head-on, smoothing out the traveller experience with market-leading tech; unmatched agility and expertise; and 24-hour support.

Here are five real-life travel ‘disruptions’ – and how to handle them like a pro.

1. Navigating flight cancellations and delays

What if the first time you heard your flight was cancelled or delayed – it had already been rebooked and the situation resolved? No more desperate dashes to the airport to make an earlier flight, or interminable waits in the airport lounge.

FCM's pocket travel assistant, Sam (Smart Assistant for Mobile) has evolved for our new, post-COVID world – solving problems you didn’t even know you had with smart, real-time alerts, reminders and proactive recommendations.

Sam’s auto rebooking function means you will always be on the next available flight, while on-the-go support means you can easily chat to an experienced travel consultant (at the touch of a button) should you need to make changes to your itinerary.

2. Dealing with missed connections

Missed connections are right at the top of the list when it comes to things you want to avoid on a business trip. And while pre-2020 it may have been possible to transit with less than an hour between international flights, you were still pushing it.

Today the playing field has changed. Decreased air traffic, limited connections, COVID screenings and variable entry requirements means that, more than ever, due attention is paid to connecting flights.

FCM’s Travel Experts will prioritise direct, non-stop travel where possible (not only to avoid the perceived ‘double’ risk of potential exposure to the coronavirus, but also to ease the complexity associated with each country’s travel restrictions and quarantine rules); or book the best possible route in terms of safety, reliability and convenience. 

And if an airline cancels your onward connection mid-flight? FCM’s Sam is up to the job: rebooking flights automatically and tackling the knock-on effects of flight changes (for example, shuttle bookings) so you don’t have to (put your feet up and relax in the lounge instead!).

3. Checking in online – twenty-four hours in advance

This seems like a simple one, right? But forgetting to check-in online (either 24 or 48 hours in advance – or more – depending on the airline) can move you from the front of the queue to the bottom of the waitlist.

Sam’s alerts will make sure you’re checked-in on time, alternatively the FCM will do it on your behalf. Not only that, but we’ll also select your seats, meals and special requests based on your personal preferences. Flight bookings don’t get smoother than this.  

4. Staying informed

In this new, dynamic and fast-paced world up-to-the minute information is invaluable. Sam will keep you up to speed with travel alerts and notifications, but more than that, FCM’s integrated booking platform is able to offer smarter recommendations as well as comprehensive information about your destination.

From which hotels to book, to public transport information in your host city, as well as visa and entry requirements, FCM has you covered.

5. Staying safe

Today, duty of care is more important than ever. A TMC needs to do more than simply vet all travel service providers. Your team of travel experts needs to evaluate any potential risks faced by business travellers (from border closures to adverse weather events), alert their clients to these risks before and during the trip, and actively liaise with local consulates and embassies for a safe and streamlined journey home.

FCM’s integrated travel safety and risk dashboard uses a combination of technology and people (with buckets of experience and EQ) to ensure your travellers are informed and have options before travelling – and we can check they are ok if the unexpected happens. With real-time visibility and a multitude of communication abilities, keeping travellers safe and informed has never been simpler.

Yes, the world has changed. But with a responsive, flexible and connected travel partner by your side, you can deal with the unexpected. With ease.