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Business travel programme data is not only about your hotel bookings, flight tickets and transfer journeys.

There is a huge wealth of data to be captured and mined from spending on company credit cards or the expense forms employees put in to claim back money laid-out during the course of their business travel.

Our next-generation of data reporting also gives us – and you – the ability to ensure accurate and consistent product reporting no matter how and where you book flights and accommodation.

For example, if your data is categorised according to the services you use and within a blank heading such as ‘Air Travel’, it doesn’t always make it easy to spot which of the, say four, domestic airlines you deal with sees the highest percentage of your spend.

This amount can be sizeable given it is spent with a single operator but our powerful analysis tools allow you to see this clearly, leveraging this data when negotiating reduced rates or bulk discounts with the operator in question.

Similarly, if you are using hundreds of different hotels across dozens of cities, by drilling down more deeply into this data you could see where to cut, merge or increase supply to obtain discounts and better value-for-money.

Our smarter technology coupled with improved and more plentiful data sources means you won’t be looking at how to shave small and often inconsequential individual traveller amounts of money from your spend. Instead you will see exactly how and where to make the greatest savings across the board.

FCM’s data technology also brings hotel standardisation. This can be a big challenge for companies making multiple bookings worldwide, working over multiple GDS systems, back office systems and hotel platforms.

For example, if you are booking a hotel in one country through one system and another customer books a different hotel through a different platform in another country from a different territory, the presentation of this information can be different making it complicated to understand.

How it is presented both in the formatting and the names and the details matters and a hotel RFP is tough to tender without first getting a true view of what you are booking the most and which suppliers to focus on from a negotiating perspective.

By building a centralised hotel reference database to use internally and share back out with our partners and customers, we ensure a standardised version of the truth when it comes to hotel data reporting.

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“To correctly identify anomalies, you need to have good historic data to train models that will identify data that isn’t normal.”

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