High-quality makes the biggest impact

Your business travel programme is only as good as the information you can find within it.

Making effective decisions at the highest levels of your companies future spend and travel preferences starts with the historic data you build up every minute of every day through bookings and expense spending.

It is vital therefore to work with a trusted TMC partner, one able to capture a multitude of data sources, sort it into easy to- understand reporting with the ability to keep your data safe.

We ensure accurate, consistent and secure reporting no matter how and where your travel is booked. Our intelligent data platform is able to integrate direct submissions from back office systems, GDS and third-party booking platforms globally, but it doesn’t stop there.

For example, by connecting your invoicing systems to our reporting system, you will be able to send us larger amounts of higher quality data, more regularly. You will then see updates much faster and get access to a wider range of reporting analytics. Doing this across more and more countries also offers a vastly-improved real-time view of your financial reporting.

By taking a direct connection from the data source, we can sift through to amplify the highest-quality data for our technology to mine. Everything is validated against our FCM global governance framework.

Along with our data and operation teams, you have access to a friendly and intuitive user interface which you can use to continuously monitor, track and improve the quality of your data.

For example, our latest technology means your data’s quality is constantly checked, with fixes automatically performed. It is then uploaded, or reuploaded, and our system now offers you an immediate score out of 10 to demonstrate what the data quality level is.

Tailoring your data

Concur Laptop

FCM prides itself on ensuring your account manager has the power to solve customer challenges with our Clientbank integration capabilities. These custom C-Level dashboards replicate Bloomberg-style spending analytics, getting to the point for a simple understanding of high/low spend and programme performance.

Our custom compliance dashboards can also show hotel programmes by city, making it easy to identify anything not within booking policies, outliers with the introduction of percentile reporting triggers – focusing on the 90% percentile outlying offenders so we can just focus on the ones driving non-compliance and leave alone the ones booking within policy.

By integrating with expense platforms, FCM also customises dashboards to see granular details such as programme leakage by comparing agency spend vs. spend expensed while drilling down into additional data points such as ancillary costs and set budget by cost centre and division for example.

“Having clean, high quality data today, including third parties, is more important than ever to maximse savings.”

Previously, clients would have to wait for a data audit report to be run but instead you will also be able to access the highest quality data by drilling down into each element based on its specific high or low score, and then identifying where any issues are to fix them.

We understand our customers don’t want to just be tied to booking through GDS, with many now moving to NDC. We want to ensure our customers can book through whatever source they wish and have the confidence we can capture data from it.

That is why our data platform enables us to connect with additional sources, for example a booking website such as hotel. com or Expedia, as well as with different expense providers. By integrating thirdparty expense data, leakage in a client’s travel programme can be identified and analysed to see where discounts were not leveraged to maximise savings.

All of these data feeds can then be integrated directly into our reporting platforms and validated against both our requirements and yours. It is then shown in one consolidated but full view of your business travel programme.

Leveraging different data sources means we can standardise and validate your data against our own reference data tables, your reference data tables and those from third party suppliers too.

This offers you the most complete picture of your data, its quality and its accuracy, benchmarked across other customers and sources as well as our standards and their standards for the truest representation.

"By integrating third-party expense data, leakage in a client’s travel programme can be identified and analysed to see where discounts were not leveraged to maximise savings."

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