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4 top business travel app features

You might still book your business travel plans at your desk, but what about the information or changes you need to make when you’re out and about?

Travel arrangers and travellers need a mobile app that complements the system they’re using on their laptops; the same experience, the same data, the same profile, just a different device.

If you're in travel management or lead the relationship with your travel management company; here are some of the top features to expect from a corporate travel app. And yes, they’re all available with FCM Travel.  

1. Your personal travel habits

Everyone travels differently. Some travellers prefer the window to the aisle, some really love a particular hotel chain. Use your mobile app to keep all those details together; it’ll help filter your choices for future bookings too. Information like:  

  • Enter your airline, hotel and car rental membership numbers to earn points.
  • Add your airline seating and meal preferences.
  • See your carbon emissions per trip.
  • Request a ride from Uber, Lyft or Grab. 

2. Information in one place

No fumbling around in your pockets or suitcase; it’s way easier to have all your travel plans and documents stored digitally in one app, such as:

  • Travel plans booked through FCM automatically synced.
  • House all your travel documents.
  • Keep your profile and preferences up to date.
  • Up-to-date COVID instructions and entry requirements. 
  • Show virtual card at check-in through Conferma integration. 
  • Import your personal trips too.

3. Handy notifications and tips

With the help of Sam our digital assistant, you’re always getting helpful tips and advice to keep your journey moving smoothly. And when the rumours start circulating about cancellations or delays, you can trust the alerts in your app to be accurate and relevant for your trip. Your business travel app can:

  • Remind you to check in and let you know your gate number.
  • Gives you directions to the airport.
  • Tell you or your travel arranger when your flight has been delayed or cancelled.
  • Alert you about critical travel disruptions.

4. Easy access to support

You aren’t left hanging with no one to help you! Your mobile app easily puts you through to the team, whether it’s:

  • One-touch phone call to your FCM travel team.
  • Chat to FCM support right away.

Want a travel experience that’s the same across all devices? Let’s talk

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