Turn to Tech for a Smoother Booking Experience

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Business Travel: Turn to Tech for a Smoother Booking Experience

Dodge disruption with FCM’s plug-and-play technology

Over the past few years TMCs have focussed their efforts on frictionless travel – easy, client-centric solutions which address the various frustrations and pain points of travel bookers and travellers alike, from booking to departure, and arrival to post-trip reconciliation and reporting.

Then, in a year unlike we’ve ever known, COVID-19 brought unparalleled levels of disruption, complexity, confusion and fear to the travel industry worldwide. 

Is frictionless travel even possible in a post-pandemic world? Definitely, according to the team at FCM who have gone against the grain to weather the COVID storm, investing heavily in new and differentiated products, as well as fast-tracking new technology to enhance and streamline the customer experience.

Looking to dodge disruption? Say goodbye to the following frustrations forever with FCM’s new plug-and-play technology:

1. Slow, clunky platforms

This new, fast-paced world requires new tools and a new way of thinking. FCM’s global online booking tool offers more choice, an international network and smart recommendations – on  everything from flights and accommodation to ground transport.

Quick and smoothly-efficient, FCM’s integrated platform means that all the information you need is now in one convenient place.

2. Inflexible systems

At FCM, we know that things can change by the minute. Think border closures, new lockdown regulations, flight cancellations and delays. FCM’s flexible booking platform is borne out of a need for agility and slick, smart solutions – meaning you can make changes and updates at the click of a button.

Even better? FCM’s handy travel bot, Sam :] has also evolved. Sam now exists across all FCM’s platforms and solves the problems you didn’t even know you had with smart alerts, reminders, proactive recommendations and auto rebooking.

3. Lack of up-to-date information

This is a massive pain point for many travel bookers, and no one wants to have search for the latest travel news or information. Now everything is at your fingertips, with real-time alerts and notifications to make sure you’re always up to speed and in the loop.

4. Lack of meaningful support

At FCM, we know that technology is only as good as the people behind it. Our team of travel experts is dedicated, passionate and client-focussed – offering slick solutions and meaningful support (not to mention crisis know-how) when you need them most. By combining AI with plenty of EQ, FCM’s team provides unbeatable service 24/7.

5. Slow approval processes

Over the last year, many corporate travel programmes have introduced additional layers of approval as travel is assessed through a new ‘COVID’ lens. Questions like ‘is this meeting really necessary?’, ‘can it be done virtually?’, ‘what are the cost and productivity implications of a mandatory quarantine?’ and ‘will available air routes complicate and extend trips unnecessarily?’ abound.

Even before 2020, approval process were a pain point for many a travel booker. FCM’s system allows all traveller requests to come into one dashboard and approvals go directly to the traveller on their mobile. Approvals are pre-checked on the policy (for example, with hotel city rate cap, city approved) which means you can dodge delays and streamline your approval process.

6. Cumbersome reporting

Imagine if you could get clear, concise data whenever you need it? FCM’s functionality allows you to analyse your company’s travel behaviour, spend, bookings and leakage – pulling  up-to-the minute reports for cost analysis, budgeting and planning.

7. Flimsy duty of care

It shouldn’t be hard to check up on your travellers. Especially in a post-COVID world when duty of care is so important. Travel managers want to know where their travellers are, and how quickly we can bring them home should things go wrong. 

FCM can track your travellers, flag any potential risks, alert travellers (and the team back home), and actively liaise with local consulates and embassies should the need arise. Sam :] can also get in on the action with a nifty auto call function to check that your traveller is safe at any time of the day or night.  

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