SA Express to Resume Operations

SA Express (SAX) will resume its operations on Thursday 23 August 2018, following the temporary grounding at the end of May 2018.

This follows the recent reinstatement of both the airlines’s Air Operations Certificate (AOC) and Aircraft Maintenance Organisation (AMO) licenses by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA).

SAX has also received Certificates of Airworthiness for most of its 11 aircrafts from SACAA, with the remaining fleet expected to be given the green light soon.

In a press release SAX released, Interim CEO Siza Mzimela said, “It is all systems go now and we are coming back stronger, more focused and energised. In this regard, we are determined going forward to set new industry standards for safety, product quality and customer service.”

SA Express passengers will be immediately able to book flights for travel.

The new schedule will roll out as follows:

Effective August 23

Johannesburg to Lubumbashi from Monday-Friday and on Sundays.

Flight SA1797 will depart Johannesburg at 09h20 and arrive at 11h45. Return flight SA1798 will depart Lubumbashi at 12h30 and arrive at 15h00.
Johannesburg to Hoedspruit. SA1225 will operate on Saturdays departing Johannesburg at 10h15 and arriving at 11h15, with return flight SA1226 departing Hoedspruit at 12h00 and arriving in Johannesburg at 13h00. Flight SA1227 will operate Monday-Friday and Sunday departing Johannesburg at 12h15 and arriving at 13h15, with return flight SA1228 departing Hoedspruit at 13h55 and arriving at 14h55.

Effective September

Johannesburg to Walvis Bay.

Flight SA1701 will operate five weekly flights, departing Johannesburg at 11h55 and arriving in Walvis Bay at 14h10. Return flight SA1702 will depart at 14h45 and arrive in Johannesburg at 16h55.

Effective October

Johannesburg to Gaborone.

Flight SA1761 will operate Monday-Friday departing Johannesburg at 06h40 and arriving in Gaborone at 07h35, with return flight SA1762 departing at 08h10 and arriving in Johannesburg at 09h05. Flight SA1765 and SA1779 will operate Monday-Friday and Sunday. SA1765 will depart Johannesburg at 09h55 and arrive in Gaborone at 10h50, with return flight SA1766 departing at 11h25 and arriving in Johannesburg at 12h20. SA1779 will depart Johannesburg at 18h45 and arrive in Gaborone at 19h40, with return flight SA1780 departing at 20h10 and arriving in Johannesburg at 21h05. Flight SA1775 will operate daily, departing Johannesburg at 15h45 and arriving in Gaborone at 16h40, with return flight SA1776 departing at 17h15 and arriving in Johannesburg at 18h10. Flight SA1763 will operate on Saturdays, departing Johannesburg at 07h25 and arriving in Gaborone at 08h20, with return flight SA1764 departing Gaborone at 08h50 and arriving in Johannesburg at 09h45.

Effective January

Cape Town to Bloemfontein.

Flight SA1081 will operate two weekly flights, departing Cape Town at 06h00 and arriving in Bloemfontein at 07h30, with return flight SA1802 departing Bloemfontein at 08h15 and arriving in Cape Town at 10h00. Flight SA1057 will operate daily, departing Cape Town at 16h30 and arriving in Bloemfontein at 18h00, with return flight SA1058 departing at 18h40 and arriving in Cape Town at 20h25.

Cape Town to Walvis Bay.

Flight SA1721 will operate once weekly, departing Cape Town at 10h55 and arriving in Walvis Bay at 13h05. Return flight SA1722 will depart Walvis Bay at 13h35 and arrive in Cape Town at 15h35.

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