The Evolution of Travel Programme Technology, with GBTA

After a pause of business travel, FCM and GBTA felt it was time to assess the state of technology used in travel programmes to see how, if at all, needs have changed.

In a joint piece of research, we surveyed travel managers across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific to explore how technology has changed the travel manager’s role and the travel programme-to-TMC relationship.


In this report, GBTA details the survey results and key findings to unveil what travel managers think about technology, what reporting they have available to them for areas like sustainability, and the interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Download the research report for answers to:

  • Is travel programme technology sufficient?
  • Have technology needs changed since 2019?
  • What do travel managers and travellers need from technology?
  • What technology features are used by travel programmes?
  • What is the role of the TMC?
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