Pro Tips for Travelling During Ramadan


Pro Tips for Travelling During Ramadan

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The Holy Month is set to start any day now, and whilst we may be familiar with the traditions held in the region, it’s important to educate yourself on being a smart traveller and what to expect while travelling during Ramadan. Despite there being a reduction in traveller activity around the world currently, here are our top tips for travelling during Ramadan.


1. Understanding Ramadan

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic Lunar Calendar and every day during this month, Muslims around the world spend the daylight hours in a complete fast (yes, not even water!). The Holy Month of Ramadan is a time to observe self-discipline and sacrifice. And in this month full of glory and blessings, there are not only blessings in reaping rewards, but many other blessings. Fasting is viewed from an economic aspect, so Ramadan provides economic blessings for traders and others. For the poor, Ramadan brings its own blessings. In this month, a Muslim is very encouraged to give charity in the month of Ramadan to them.

To ensure you are respectful of local customers, it is recommended during the Holy Month to dress conservatively (that is covering the shoulders and knees) as well as abstaining from playing music as well as eating and drinking in public.

2. Plan your day

While business will run as usual at FCM, many businesses will be running on skeleton staff - make sure you plan your business errands in advance to avoid any disappointment such as shorter than normal office hours. While travelling throughout countries observing the Holy Month of Ramadan, such as Malaysia and Indonesia, we recommend planning your daytime meals in advance. Most international hotels will serve food, however, you may not have the luxury of picking up food easily between business meetings so planning ahead is recommended.

Furthermore, while you may carry water and snacks with you throughout the region, refrain from consuming them in public; this is to both respect those who are fasting as well as adhere to local customs. We also recommend planning your trips to and from the airport carefully, according to the time of day. For example, many taxi drivers will be observing the Holy Month and it can sometimes become difficult to find taxis close to Iftar timing. Ask your travel coordinator in case you need additional support to organise transfers during Ramadan.

3. Breaking your fast while travelling

Most airlines in countries observing the Holy Month will offer snack boxes and water to break your fast. When the sun goes down, the aircraft's captain will inform passengers of the Iftar time. Cabin crew on these countries' airlines, including Malaysia Airlines and Garuda Indonesia, are familiar with the traditions of Ramadan should you require any special assistance. Please contact your travel team should you wish to clarify if your flight provides any iftar services, or for any other further information.

4. Embrace local traditions

Ramadan is a special time in Muslim countries - the occasion of Iftar is celebrated at many international hotels that host Iftar tents. Taste the special drinks and sweets that are prepared specially for the Holy Month. It’s a joyous period to share with friends and family and there’s nothing like sharing Iftar while travelling with hospitable hosts looking to share in their wealth and happiness with you.

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