VIP Travel | FCM Specialist Travel Services

VIP Travel

With our VIP corporate travel services, your C-suite will shine as brightly as a perfectly tailored suit at a board meeting.

Whether they're all about first-class service or they're after those deluxe experiences with a wow-factor, we've got their comfort and needs covered with real-time updates, support, and solutions.  


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Mining & Resources Travel | FCM Specialist Travel Services

Mining & Resources Travel

Whether it's navigating remote mining sites, the pick-and-shovel routine of FIFO schedules, or any quirks that come with mining travel, rest assured, our team have it covered.

With over 20 years of experience serving 200+ clients just like you, we understand what an efficient travel management solution for your sector looks like.


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Marine and Offshore Travel | FCM Specialist Travel Services

Marine and Offshore Travel

With our strong ties in the travel industry, we reel in competitive offshore rates, making your trips budget-friendly (special marine fares, check) and every detail ship shape.

Our teams are here 24/7 to buoy your travel arrangements and keep your crews on course, even to the most remote locations.


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Visa, Passport & Immigration | FCM Specialist Travel Services

Visa, Passport & Immigration

Our global business travel visa experts know the ins and outs of different passports and destinations, making the process a breeze. Whether you're a first-time business traveller, travelling in a group, or facing passport issues, we're here to sort it out.

With FCM, you can count on our visa wizards to handle any challenge, making your travel plans smooth and stress-free.


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Safety & Risk | FCM Specialist Travel Services

Safety & Risk 

The risks to corporate travellers may change daily, but with FCM at your side, we’ll keep you on top of what to expect.

Experience what it means to have a 360° safety and risk management framework, powered by decision-support software, predictive traveller wellness reporting, and top-notch duty of care partnerships. 


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