Sustainability vs. Traveller Wellness vs. Company Cost

Sustainable travel has become a top priority in recent years, as companies commit to reaching net-zero targets, airlines look to offset carbon emissions with more sustainable aviation fuel, and travellers seek more environmentally friendly transportation options.
According to a recent FCM Consulting survey, 45% of respondents said climate change was the most important element of sustainability. This was followed by responsible consumption and production, and good health and wellbeing. When asked what their top priority was when it came to selecting corporate travel suppliers, responses were less around the planet and people and more focused on costs and business profit. No doubt it’s a tough balancing act for management.

 When it comes to business travel, it’s difficult to talk about sustainability without talking about traveller wellness and how it’s going to affect a company’s bottom line.

This is why FCM Consulting has developed a highly flexible and consultative approach to help companies align corporate travel with their ESG framework and their budgets.

“The work will depend on what industry your organisation is in, what your focus is on across the ESG framework and then what your business is willing to commit to and invest in over the short and long term,” FCM Consulting APAC General Manager, Felicity Burke, said.

“Our team will work to understand what a company’s overall goals are, your priorities and provide strategies and solutions for managing and procuring travel that aligns with those goals. We know it can be challenging for companies trying to balance sustainability with traveller wellness and contain costs. But it’s worth a discussion to see what’s possible.”

With business travel back to pre-pandemic levels in many parts of the world, here's a simplified view into how these common metrics rank against sustainability, traveller wellness and company cost. 


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