Cracking the China Market: Truly global travel management

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Truly global travel management



Big China as your travel programme’s best friend

How can something be truly global if it misses the world’s most populous country? FCM has been in China since 2002, so we’ve learned a lot about managing travel in one of the world’s most unique markets. Find out how we make sure you can break through walls for full visibility.

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The FCM Platform in China

With a ladle of chilli and a wok full of challenges, operating in China is never straightforward and comes with its unique set of challenges. Find out how our platform in China overcame challenges in the Red Dragon to offer corporates a truly consistent global experience.

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Beyond the pandemic: Are you and your travellers ready for the next normal of business travel in China?

Beyond the pandemic: Are you and your travellers ready for the next normal of business travel in China?

Shake off the dust on your passport and suitcase and get ready to take on the road once again! With learnings on the challenges and demands on domestic and international travel from China, taking that first step will be as easy as ABC. Read this blog to find out best practices and approaches to Safety and Risk, and learn how you can use travel tech and work with TMCs more effectively to guide you on a smoother return to travel.

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Over CNY 2mil of savings from sealed corporate airline deals to recovered savings from data analysis of employees’ booking patterns!

Don’t just settle but learn how corporates get it right with an efficient and integrative travel programme.

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I was impressed with the FCM team, who was always available to provide us with relevant analysis and advice on improving employees booking behaviour, keeping a tight supervisory control strategy over business travel, as well as ways to generate cost savings.

The FCM team was extremely patient, always explaining new processes in a detailed and clear manner. Thanks to them, we are now more knowledgeable on the latest travel cost settlement methods in the market and are now using a global business travel payment solutions provider to make our travel costs and spend even more transparent.

- Ms Dai, Business Travel Manager, CVTE China

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Find out more about what the FCM Platform China can offer your business in regional content and global consistency.


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