White Paper: What will it take for NDC to fly in China

The mere mention of “IATA NDC” (New Distribution Capability) and “China” often captures the attention of most travel professionals in today’s digital age. Compound both terms and a promising potential with endless possibilities is created. Though NDC holds significant long-term promise for corporates and their business travellers, airlines and their partners, these benefits come hand-in-hand with risks and challenges. Throw China into the equation and it will send, even the most well-versed experts, into a bit of a tailspin.

Understanding how modern airline distribution (specifically via IATA’s much-talked about NDC API) can take off in a unique travel market like China is not straightforward, with its fair share of challenges and opportunities, collaborators and contenders, regulations and loopholes.

In our latest 2-page white paper, we examine the current state and key challenges affecting pivotal players across the industry in China, providing insights to shed some light towards the understanding of the state of NDC in China.

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