A groundbreaking and innovative part of our global travel management company is the FCM Lab. It has the freedom and knowledge to focus on developing technology solutions that can solve the real business travel problems you face, enhancing the way in which you interact with your business travel programme and our services.

FCM Lab is powered by an extensive global team of in-house progressive tech developers, UX and UI specialists and travel experts who are given the time and space to identify the gaps where technology can make a tangible difference to you and your business.

This is achieved by in-depth research, industry-leading creativity and a structured approach to testing and rollout. The FCM Lab constantly experiments, innovates and tweaks its creations before they are piloted to wider audiences or offered globally.

The FCM Lab has been responsible for everything from the creation of our Smart Assistant for Mobile (Sam) to proprietary online booking and reporting tools for FCM Connect our suite of travel products.

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Travel Technology

We believe technology should move you forward so we have developed an industry-leading suite of products to make your business travel management simpler, faster and more efficient. FCM Connect is personalised to the travel tools and information you need to manage, book and travel with ease.


As a travel companion, Sam keeps you updated on your travel plans and enhances your experience on-the-go. Now, thanks to a partnership between FCM Secure and WorldAware intelligence, Sam help companies fulfill its duty of care by sending relevant security notifications to travellers and letting them share their location to notify they are safe.

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