We will give you the facts


We will give you the facts

Our unparalleled wealth of data means we can provide you with a real level of insight into changing market conditions.

FCM will provide you with the facts you need to travel with confidence, using information gathered from our State of the Market survey, reporting and data – providing real insight into market conditions. We will keep you up to date through the FCTG travel hub, which includes relevant news alerts, guides and everything you need to know when travelling for business – keeping your safety and well-being top of mind.

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Domestic Travel Advisory in India

Domestic Travel Advisory 

Latest Updates and Guidelines
Looking for up to date information on domestic air travel and quarantine rules? Our priority is to ensure you are kept informed on the latest updates and guidelines concerning domestic travel during these times. Follow our travel advisory which summaries the current rules and regulations pertaining to domestic air travel and quarantine protocols for different states.

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Travel hub

Travel Hub

A global resource that is constantly updated to help you stay informed as you plan and travel for business trips.

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State of the Market Survey

To travel or not to travel? That’s the question being asked around the globe right now. To get to the heart of what people really want, we asked our customers and clients from around the world to give us their perspective on when travel will return.


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