Domestic Travel Advisory


Your health and well-being while travelling is important to us, so our priority is to ensure you are kept up-to-date on the latest information and updates concerning domestic travel during these times. As lockdowns relax and travel starts in phased manner, we want to ensure that you stay updated about travel guidelines as they change frequently with respect to the changing situation induced by the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Here we summarise the current rules and regulations pertaining to domestic air travel and information about state wise quarantine protocols along with safety regulations as directed by the government of India for travellers. 

Safety Rules and Regulations

Safety rules and regulations

Follow these domestic air travel rules as you embark on your journey to ensure your safety of those of others around you.

Domestic Airlines Rules


Check what rules apply for different domestic airlines before you travel within the country.

State-wise Quarantine Protocols

Quarantine rules and regulations as directed by state governments in India

No Quarantine
  • Bihar:
  • Gujarat: All passengers are required to self monitor for 14 days days. Registration is mandatory for Surat:
  • Telangana: Health Authorities will decide about the Quarantine requirements for all other symptomatic passengers
  • Karnataka: All asymptomatic passengers are required to self isolate and seek medial help or call Apthamitra 14410.
  • Goa: No necessary obligations for quarantine; however, it is mandatory to download the Aarogya Setu App
  • Arunachal Pradesh: Rapid Test will be done for all travellers at arrival. All asymptomatic passengers will be required to self isolate and symptomatic passengers will be shifted to covid center.
  • Rajasthan: All passengers will be required to submit Self-Health Declaration form and symptomatic passengers will be isolated and taken to nearest health facility.
  • Odisha: No necessary obligations for quarantine. However, it is mandatory to download the Aarogya Setu App.
Home Quarantine - 14 Days
  • Jharkhand: 14 days home quarantine (Exception: If you exit the state within 72 hours and have return ticket) Registration is mandatory on
  • Punjab: 14 days home quarantine (Exemption: No quarantine for business and corporate traveler) Mandatory registration is required on Cova app
  • Kerala: 14 Days home quarantine (Exemption: No quarantine for business visitors exiting within 7 days) Mandatory registration is required on
  • Maharashtra: 14 days home quarantine (Exemption: No quarantine for business visitors exiting within 7 days or less with return ticket from Mumbai, Pune and Aurangabad or 3 days or less from Nagpur). Travellers availing exemption from Mumbai need to register online at 
  • 7 days or less with return ticket at Mumbai, Pune and Aurangabad or 3 days or less in Nagpur)
  • West Bengal: 14 days home quarantine. For symptomatic passengers, Health Authorities will decide Quarantine requirement on case basis. Travellers must fill up and submit the declaration form using SandhaneApp
  • Uttar Pradesh: 14 days home quarantine (Exemption: business visitors exiting within 7 days and carrying return ticket) Registration mandatory on
  • Haryana: Home Quarantine of 14 days applicable for all passengers 
  • Tripura: Exception from Home Quarantine of 14 days is applicable if passengers exit within 72 hours
  • Chandigarh: 14 days of home quarantine if  passenger stays for more than 3 days. Exemption of no quarantine is granted to for business and corporate travellers. Registration is mandatory on 
Institutional Quarantine - 14 days
  • J & K: COVID-19 test is mandatory for all passengers, except for Defense Personnel. Institution Quarantine is mandatory for all passengers till test results are available 14 days. Home Quarantine is prescribed if test is negative. Exemption - No quarantine for business traveler exiting within 4 days. Tourists must have return ticket and mandate RTPCR Test will be done upon arrival.
  • Meghalaya: RT-PCR test mandatory for all arriving passengers along with institutional quarantine for 48 hours; 10 days of home quarantine is recommended if test results are negative. Passengers need to register on the state portal:
  • Mizoram: 21 days Institutional quarantine. Those opting for home quarantine for 21 days must undergo mandatory COVID test. M-Pass is mandatory
  • Himachal Pradesh: 10 days of institutional quarantine is mandatory. Exception of 10 days home quarantine if granted if passengers are carrying Covid-19 ICMR negative certificate issued within 2 days or before 96 hours.
  • Manipur: Institutional Quarantine for 14 days is required with further testing. If the test result is negative, passenger will need to undergo home quarantine for 14 days. Passengers with short stay of 7 days or less will be exempted from quarantine provided that their return ticket is valid within 3 days of arrival. Passengers also need to undergo COVID test by themselves for INR 2,400. Mandatory register on
  • Andaman & Nicobar: Rapid test avalable upon arrival for INR 500. Symptomatic passengers will be tested for RT-PCR and will undergo institutional quarantine till the test results are available. All mainland and inter-island passengers will undergo 7 days of institutional quarantine.


Home / Institution / Hotel Quarantine: 14 days
  • Nagaland: 7 days of institutional quarantine or 14 days of home quarantine can be opted by submitting an undertaking. Quarantine is exempted if return is within 48 hours and permission is obtained from District Task Force. Register on the state covid app:  
  • Chhattisgarh: COVID test shall be conducted for symptomatic travelers. Travellers to undergo Institutional Quarantine till the test results are available. 14 days of Home Quarantine for all asymptomatic travelers. E-Pass mandatory Registration:
  • Uttarakhand: COVID-19 test shall be conducted on random basis and accordingly 7 days institutional quarantine and 7 days home quarantine will be issued. There is no quarantine for business travellers. Mandatory registration is required on
  • Assam: COVID swab test will be conducted upon arrival; 2 days Institutional Quarantine + 8 days Home Quarantine mandatory for all travelers. This is applicable for DIB/IXS/JRH. No Quarantine for same day return, but failure to do so may result in quarantine for a specific period before commencing onward journey. Quarantine exempted for Pregnant women, children below 10 years and elders above 60 years of age.
  • Andhra Pradesh: 7 days institutional quarantine for travelers coming from Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi, Gujarat, Rajasthan & Madhya Pradesh. Travellers from rest of the states will undergo 14 days home quarantine (Exception: Business visitors and those carrying negative certificate issued by ICMR) Mandatory to Enroll in Spandanaapp & obtain clearance before buying tickets
Additional guidelines
  • Delhi: 7 days home quarantine (Exemption: Business and corporate traveler carrying return ticket but at the discretion of the health authorities at airport)
  • Tamil Nadu: COVID test for symptomatic passengers to be conducted on discretion from health officials. 14 days of home quarantine is recommended to all passengers. Passengers who are symptomatic and COVID tested positive will be taken to hospital for isolation. Asymptomatic passengers who are tested positive will be taken to COVID Care Centre for management. Exception from these is available for business travellers who are exiting within 72 hours and have a return ticket. It is mandatory to register on TN-PASS
  • Madhya Pradesh: For Bhopal, Jabalpur, Indore, Khajuraho, Gwalior: COVID test will be conducted at designated hospitals and institutional quarantine to be followed until results are available. Asymptomatic passengers are advised to follow 14 days of self monitoring. For Gwalior, 7 days of home quarantine is also advised. Exemption can be availed by business and cororate travellers. All passenger are strictly required to register and update their health status on Indore 311 App:

For more information on current updates and guideline, contact us or get in touch with your dedicated travel consultant.