The definitive global report on business travel: State of the Market 2020


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state of market survey
Over the past six months nearly 2,500  business travel managers, bookers and travellers in New Zealand, Australia, EMEA, Asia, and the Americas have taken part in our State of the Market surveys, in order to give us greater insight into our clients’ prevailing sentiments on business travel conditions as countries emerge from the COVID-19 crisis.

We’ve analysed their responses in conjunction with experts’ opinions on when travel will return, to produce a comprehensive report on the state of business travel around the globe.

Our global report details:
  • Global and regional sentiment on the readiness and confidence to return to travel.
  • Expert analysis on if and when travel will return to pre-COVID levels.
  • The top 5 areas of focus for travel programs.
  • What changes Travel Managers are wanting to make to suppliers, policies and budgets.
  • And much more!

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On-Demand Webinar: State of the Market 2020 - Moving Business Travel Forward in Asia

Using learnings from FCM's State of the Market Report to help corporates and their travellers move forward

Following the release of our 2020 global State of the Market report which is packed with key insights on the current state of business travel, FCM Asia hosted a webinar on October 6th to help travel managers like you breakdown learnings into practical strategies as companies begin to redefine travel programmes.

FCM Asia’s Managing Director Bertrand Saillet, along with the report’s author General Manager 4D Business Consulting Felicity Burke discussed key findings from thousands of survey responses and hundreds of in-depth interviews, as well as how businesses can use learnings from the report to adapt and add value to travel programmes to benefit both the company and travellers.

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