Why spend hours trawling innumerable websites for the best rate when all you need is FCM?

With every FCM hotel programme comes a barrage of perks: rates of value that matter to you and a game-changing travel programme that ticks your boxes for duty of care, traveller satisfaction and even optimised-ROI. Don’t just believe what we say, you should check it out yourself.

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The Fundamentals of Booking Hotels for Business Travel with a TMC

For a long time, many companies in Asia have overlooked the benefits of booking hotels with a travel management company. Why should I when I can do it easily on my own with an OTA or hotel directly? Why would a TMC even want to book hotels for us?

Booking hotels has an equally important seat as booking air although most corporate travel programmes often focus heavily on air travel. With employees spending up to 50% of their trips in hotel spaces, it’s crucial for companies to relook at this piece of the puzzle and ensure they get it right.  

There are countless ways and reasons why your corporate travel policy should include land content and you’ll be surprised at how much of a gamechanger this will be for your travel programme, whether it’s to fulfil your duty of care responsibilities or to maximise savings. Don’t just take our word for it, read on to learn more. If this is too much of a hassle, just pick up the phone to reach out to us.    


Consolidating blog
If you want to improve your travellers’ safety and satisfaction, as well as increase savings, consolidating hotel spend within your travel programme is the way to go. There are no two roads about it.

A third benefit?
You get instant visibility across all elements of your travel programme at a glance!
Sourcing blog
What is the definition of a best rate for you?
What is best for me may not be best for you. Every company’s rule for best rate will be different – is it lowest cost? Is it flexibility or even traveller benefits?

Learn more about broad range of hotel content we have and how we match them to suit your requirements. You’re welcome.
Getting them to know you
Need access to hotel rates at the snap of a finger?

With the broad range of content at our fingertips, you and your travellers will be spoilt for choice – whether that’s in the variety available or channels to book from. Self-serve at your fingertips via online or mobile, or speak to our experts to book hotels for your traveller’s multi-itinerary journey.
Say goodbye to complicated multi-city hotel bookings.
Hotel Optimisation guide

Hotel seek and book. Satisfaction guaranteed.

We’re absolutely convinced that the best way to book hotels is with a TMC. That’s why we’re determined to offer you the easiest way to do this – our HOG (Hotel Optimisation Guide). While this is in no way related to Harry Potter’s HOGwarts, we hope you’ll find it equally spellbinding.

Simply put, it’s a guide where we share insider secrets on how to increase the value of your hotel programme, where your travellers will thank you for booking the best hotels that matches their requirements to a tee.

Both sides of the equation enchanted - good things are going to happen.

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