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The benefits of consolidating hotel spend

Exhausted travellers, safety gaps, soaring costs – these are just three of the many headaches you’ll have if your travellers book hotels outside your business travel programme.

If your travellers are booking their own hotels, how do you know where they are in case of an emergency? How do you help them find an alternative when the property can’t deliver or even stop them from booking presidential suites? Know that you are not alone if you have these questions floating around.

A sure-fire way to put this out – integrate and implement hotel booking within your travel programme to provide clear visibility of your hotel spend so you can troubleshoot traveller pain points and take steps to reduce your costs!


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FCM Travel Infographic - Unmanaged vs Managed hotel programme

Unmanaged vs. Managed Hotel Programme

Infographic, right: A closer look at some of the key areas of unmanaged versus managed hotel programmes

Most companies ensure that their airfares are centrally booked for full visibility and compliance. It makes perfect sense. And not only from a booking, reporting and reconciliation point of view – but in terms of budget too.

By booking through one globally-connected platform it’s easy to secure the best fares on the day; manage credits, vouchers and loyalty points; analyse your spend; and deliver impressive savings.

In fact, it’s a no-brainer. Why then, are hotel bookings often left up to the traveller?

We all like a bit of spontaneity every now and then – but business travel is not the area to be following a whim. 

Companies who buy with us get access to a range of business-critical benefits including:

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Duty of care

Ensuring you know where your travellers are at all times.
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Broadest range of inventory

At the most competitive rates.
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Which minimises leakage to non-preferred travel suppliers, reduces your travel costs and thereby optimising your overall travel programme.
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Strategic travel reporting

To better understand booking patterns, identify opportunities, and make improvements in travel management procedures, therefore providing further savings.
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That cannot be accessed anywhere else in the industry.

End-to-end travel management

Providing peace of mind that every aspect of your travel is being coordinated and managed professionally through a seamless booking and journey management, whether it’s online, mobile or via an FCM travel expert.

Wondering how you can consolidate your hotel spend?

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We’re absolutely convinced that the best way to book hotels is with a TMC. That’s why we’re determined to offer you the easiest way to do this – our HOG (Hotel Optimisation Guide). While Harry Potter’s HOGwarts this may not be, we hope you’ll find it equally spellbinding. 

Hotel bookings for business travel that just… works

Don’t just believe what we say, you should check it out yourself.

With every FCM hotel programme comes a barrage of perks: rates of value that matter to you and a game-changing travel programme that ticks your boxes for duty of care, traveller satisfaction and even optimised-ROI.
You and your travellers need to access hotel rates with good value. It needs to be accessible as and when you need them. You need channel options to cater to your varied trip requirements, whether it’s via self-service at your fingertips or chatting with an expert.

Sound like a tall order? It isn’t if you know what FCM can do for you. Find out how you can get access to our broad range of content.