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By pulling our fares from as wide a place as possible, we can ensure that when you book your trip with FCM, you’re never paying more than you should or losing out on possible traveller perks.


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Once you’ve decided to consolidate your spend, what next?

With so many hotel sites claiming to offer the best price, consolidating to one supplier can be a daunting prospect. After all, how can you be sure that one supplier will always offer you the best price or value? What if other suppliers have seasonal or promo rates at the time of booking? It puts you at risk of losing out on the best rate and not putting your eggs in one basket has never held truer.

Value is what we are looking for. What is best rate for one company may not be best for another, and no one understands this better than FCM. Some travellers need flexibility to cancel their trips some need business essentials like late check out, and some simply just need the lowest rate possible with no frills.

How do we get around this? By taking our hotel rates from every source available, including wholesale hotel fares, rates you can find online, and our own exclusive rates negotiated especially for FCM.

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Find out how we guarantee parity with other third-party hotel providers, to make sure you never pay more than you would elsewhere.

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We’re absolutely convinced that the best way to book hotels is with a TMC. That’s why we’re determined to offer you the easiest way to do this – our HOG (Hotel Optimisation Guide). While Harry Potter’s HOGwarts this may not be, we hope you’ll find it equally spellbinding. 

Hotel bookings for business travel that just… works

Don’t just believe what we say, you should check it out yourself.

With every FCM hotel programme comes a barrage of perks: rates of value that matter to you and a game-changing travel programme that ticks your boxes for duty of care, traveller satisfaction and even optimised-ROI.
By having complete visibility over your hotel bookings through consolidation, you’ll be able to keep a handle on your spend – and know exactly where your travellers are if you need to bring them home.
You and your travellers need to access hotel rates with good value. It needs to be accessible as and when you need them. You need channel options to cater to your varied trip requirements, whether it’s via self-service at your fingertips or chatting with an expert.

Sound like a tall order? It isn’t if you know what FCM can do for you. Find out how you can get access to our broad range of content.