White Paper: 'Low Carbs: the CO² emissions diet'

It could be debated that "low carb diets" are a fad, a trend that works for some but not all. Something that is undoubtedly not a fad or trend, however, is the need to live more sustainably. This white paper examines how to reduce your CO² emissions when travelling for business...

While changes in the behaviour of individual corporate travellers is certainly a big factor to reducing emissions, innovations in new heating and power systems, as well as more efficient processes to conserve energy in the transport and hospitality sector, all contribute. Download the second white paper in our Sustainable Travel Series, see what you can do to live a more "low carbs" CO² emission lifestyle.

FCM WhitePaper LowCO2


The topic of sustainability is on everyone’s lips - but what can you do, personally, to help? Download FCM UK's white paper,  'Low Carbs: the CO² emissions diet' to get the FCM perspective on sustainable travel.

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