Return to Travel Framework

Return to Travel Framework

Take the guesswork out of the travel resumption process

The question uppermost on our customers’ minds is ‘When will we return to travel?’ The next question is ‘How?’

To better gauge the prevailing sentiments on business travel conditions as countries emerge from the COVID-19 crisis, FCM recently launched a global ‘State of the Market’ survey.

The first round of survey responses has shown us that:

  • 52% of businesses expect to resume travel in the next three months, albeit in a phased approach.
  • While a large portion of respondents indicated a need to revamp their travel policy post COVID-19, 28% of respondents were unsure what needed to change.
  • "Traveler and supplier health & hygiene” and “Duty of Care” were the top-ranking considerations for policy change.
  • Winning new business (43% of respondents) and managing existing client relationships (39%) were the two dominant business activities motivating organizations to return to travel.

Using this data, and following hundreds of conversations with our clients and our travel partners, FCM has developed a Return to Travel Framework to remove confusion, create direction, and empower customers to take confident action.

The framework is designed to take the guesswork out of the process needed to establish by when, and to what extent, employees could resume business travel.

Return to Travel Framework

Travel Policy

Key considerations to ensure your policy reflects the new travel landscape

  1. Redefine permissible travel and ROI with targeted approval workflows.
  2. Close the gap on leakage. Enhance traveler usage of preferred suppliers.
  3. Consider mandatory booking channels and apps.
  4. Draft a COVID addendum for travel policy. Add regional versions where needed.
  5. Launch interim travel policy and expanded communication plan.


Safety and Well-being

Addressing both traveler concerns and your exposure to risk as travel returns

  1. Assess traveler readiness and sentiment.
  2. Equip travelers with information and resources to support their trip.
  3. Implement traveler tracking, notification, and communication tools.
  4. Ensure alerts and situational monitoring are in place.
  5. Review/create documented travel risk management strategy.
Vendor Management

The actions required to improve choice and control when it comes to the suppliers in your program.

  1. Generate supplier viability report and operational status update.
  2. Review supplier audit and certification of hygiene protocols.
  3. Define unused ticket/credits-on-hold management strategy.
  4. Perform Rate audits and renegotiation where applicable.
  5. Evaluate benefits of new contract negotiation and sourcing.
Cost Consideration

Optimize your budget without impacting the positive benefits of travel on your business

  1. Establish proactive demand management and travel ROI assessments.
  2. Evaluate policy changes including cabin choices, advance purchase, day trips, rate caps, and more.
  3. Drive smart OBT adoption which incorporates COVID advice.
  4. Use historical benchmarks and future forecasts to establish new budgets.
  5. Revisit supplier category plans to shift costs and optimize savings.
Return to Travel Framework Workbook

Return to Travel Project Workbook

To further support your travel resumption planning, we have worked with the analysts at FCM’s 4th Dimension Consulting (4D) team to create a comprehensive workbook that will guide you through the process of forming a project team, addressing key questions relating to each element of corporate travel, and preparing for the resumption of business travel.

In the workbook tabs you will find supporting information and resources to assist you in the process. Plus, you can opt to tap into the expertise of our 4D consultants, who can provide more in-depth diagnostics and project management support to ensure you emerge from this process with a streamlined and more cost-effective travel program.

Download the workbook

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