Travel risk management: How technology enhances duty of care

Corporate travel has always been inherently risky. Hands up if you’ve ever experienced delays and cancelations due to strike action, or lost your passport? Sometimes travel managers scramble to locate colleagues, or get teams home after an incident. But in today’s interconnected, dynamic, and ever-changing world, there are travel risk management tools out there to help.

Here’s how FCM is helping customers protect employees' health and safety while they're traveling for business.

Traveler tracking and reporting

When a crisis occurs, it’s important to know exactly where all your travelers are, so you can determine that they're safe. Even multi-national companies with thousands of employees can get an instant snapshot of travelers' locations in a crisis management scenario.

FCM Platform’s unique duty of care dashboards include:

  • Country health and security assessment ratings
  • Travel risk maps
  • Detailed traveler risk reports
  • Future trip plan analytics
  • Location sharing

Reports can be extracted at any time, or an automated daily report sent to anyone required, so you can respond to critical incidents effectively.

Safety and risk, man on mobile in front of a bus

On-the-go communication

Communication is a big part of business trips generally, but especially when it comes to safety and security. Combined with round-the-clock access to human support, technology such as FCM Platform helps those managing travel programs and travelers keep in touch and ensure peace of mind. Features include:

  • Travel alerts, powered by Crisis24, ranging from FYIs that may affect travel plans, to critical alerts that require an immediate reaction.
  • Sam provides intelligent travel updates about flight changes, weather information, and more.
  • Using FCM Platform's communication center, travel managers, procurement, and HR teams can send messages directly to individual or multiple travelers with their own instructions and advice.
  • 24/7 live chat and call-back function so travelers can ask for advice and support any time, any place.
  • Mobile app for easy access to chat, emergency contacts, notifications, and trip updates in one place.
  • FCM Extension helps enforce your travel policy while keeping travelers safe and informed. The browser extension delivers actionable guidance directly into the booking flow across thousands of sites, helping centralize policy, information, and guidance into a single, consumable format.

Global partnerships

Have your own travel risk management (TRM) partner? Major travel risk providers and third parties can be integrated with the FCM Platform. For instance, you can get access to your travel risk provider’s intelligence through the platform’s homepage. For travelers, alerts are available, with the ability to directly contact your crisis partner’s travel assistance center. 

FCM works closely with third-party partners to ensure data around your most important asset, your people, integrates with our technology.

One platform that works for all

International travelers need the kind of safety net only a global TMC (and trusted network) can provide. A mix of technology and human support that drives compliance (and in turn, visibility) and works for everyone around the world reduces business travel risks.

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