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Spotlight Webinar Series
Welcome to Spotlight – our enhanced webinar series. FCM’s Spotlight webinars educate and inform organizations on the latest developments, trends and insights affecting the corporate travel sector.

Corporate travel is a feast of moving parts, which make it one of the most dynamic industries to operate in. Combined with the fact that travel is often the second or third highest category spend it is critical that your decision makers are across the latest trends shaping and influencing this area.

Spotlight brings together customers, prospects and suppliers to explore trends, best practices, the future of corporate travel and more. Through our webinars, FCM shines the spotlight on all things you need to be across.

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Webinar - Program optimization begins with effective account management

December 2019

Program optimization begins with effective account management

Our December Spotlight webinar, hosted by Global Head of Account Management, Scott Reddie, took a deep dive into the key role account management plays in driving program optimization and results.  From determining the right technology and tools, to establishing program targets and delivering key metrics—your program’s success begins with the expertise of an account manager. Be sure to view the recording here.