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We believe technology should move you forward so we have developed an industry-leading suite of products to make your business travel management simpler, faster and more efficient.

FCM Connect is personalized to the travel tools and information you need to manage, book and travel with ease. A single click through hub, the gateway to the FCM Connect suite of products, transports you to an intuitive and easy to use dashboard that can be customized with the tools relevant to you as the user. This allows you to experience all the travel services you need, in one place without having to sign-in to multiple sites.

Whatever the journey, it always begins with our safe and secure HUB, which has been split into nine bespoke products with a single sign-on and can be personalized to an individual, a company or a location. 

Technology tailored to you

Travel Manager

As a Travel Manager you gain access to a top-level overview of your business travel program to quickly check or amend budgets, priorities and policies, run analytics, create insightful reports and receive risk and safety alerts.

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Travel Booker

As a Travel Booker you have all the tools you need at your fingertips to manage profiles, find the best-value fares and rates, reconcile expenses and track your travelers to ensure their safety.

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As a Traveler, you can easily plan and book trips, manage approval, make expense claims and be advised of delays, changes and travel alerts - even on the go using our mobile app.

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FCM Connect Exclusive Products


Quickly and simply approve both pre and post-trip requests in line with your own business travel policy requirements and business travel programme.


Use an intuitive dashboard to understand and manage the risks your business travelers face and trigger critical alerts for traveler assistance.


Streamline all the information about your business travelers to find out about their preferences within your business travel programme fast and easily.


Our market-leading tool deals with all aspects of booking business travel rates whether airlines, hotels, cars and transfers from a computer or mobile.


A fast and transparent tool to reduce the time you and your travelers spend inputting and understanding business travel expense data for real savings.


FCM’s partnership with AirPlus allows travelers peace of mind that their bills are settled, they no longer need to carry a company credit card and time is saved due to integrated data sets allowing for touchless reconciliation at any time.


FCM Monitor provides automated backend “Smart” technology to search for your itinerary and either rebook it or notify you in case savings materialize after the time of booking. It will also automatically track unused tickets to optimize your travel program and ease the stress of travel.

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