FCM Monitor provides automated backend “Smart” technology to search for your itinerary and either rebook it or notify you in case savings materialize after the time of booking. It will also automatically track unused tickets to optimize your travel program and ease the stress of travel.

FCM SmartRATE and SmartFARE

FCM uses best-in-market third-party partners to ensure that you can reap savings despite any unforeseen fare and rate drops on already booked trips.

SmartFARE: Maximize airline ticket savings with SmartFARE FCM can provide an airfare monitoring tool that allows you to take advantage of the best airfares that provide savings after a reservation is ticketed. From the time of ticketing to the day of departure, our systems monitor airfare prices. Instant alerts are then sent to your consultant when savings are found on identical itineraries significant enough to re-ticket. Customizable thresholds are setup to suit your individual travel policy needs. Airline tickets are tracked to identify cost savings based on: Same carrier and cabin class, Same departure date and time. No itinerary changes, ever.

SmartRATE: Find the best hotels for the best price with SmartRATE FCM can provide a rate monitoring tool that allows you to find the best rates available, after a reservation is confirmed. By aggregating booking rate data from the Global Distribution System (GDS) every day up until check-in, our systems are able to find the lowest possible rates at any given time. Customizable thresholds are setup to suit your individual travel policy needs. When that perfect rate is found, a notification is sent directly to your consultant who will cancel and rebook to the lower rate providing you with even more savings.


SmartTRACK intelligently detects and tracks unused e-tickets and monitors these segments until they are exchanged or used. Programmable email alerts help travelers stay on top of their unused tickets.

FCM checks each ticket three days after the date of the last flight segment to see if the ticket was used. If not, it logs the ticket as unused and begins monitoring. These unused tickets are then made available to be used again, either online via the online booking tool or via your team of FCM travel consultants. 

This gives you… 

  • GDS scans every 15 minutes to monitor ticket status 
  • Daily verification scan to monitor previously recorded ticket status 
  • Same day addition to traveler profile 
  • Ability to track non-GDS tickets 
  • 30/60/90 day expiry notices 
  • Automatic notifications to remind travelers of unused tickets 
  • Robust reporting delivered through FCM Reporting & Analytics 

SmartTrack is the smarter way to use your tickets. 

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