As a Travel Manager or Travel Booker, we understand you want to find all the information you need on your business travelers with as little hassle as possible and don’t want to have to refill each field every time you book.

That is why we have streamlined your experience along with each of their profiles within a fully-customisable Profile tool in HUB. It saves you time by storing all of your traveler's data and preferences safely and securely with each profile centrally managed and always kept up-to-date.

Profiles can be fully synchronized with your online booking tool and GDS to save time and it can be made available for offline booking and fulfillment.

Each preference - whether for a window or aisle seat or certain hotel or room type - is saved for future bookings and as a traveler you can use HUB to manage your own preferences in seconds, should your needs or tastes change. This is broken down into air, hotel and vehicle categories but can also take in crucial information such as passport and travel membership details.

A full feed of data is available at all times for compliance with your business travel management policies.

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