FCM Meetings & Events lands complex event air travel

In May 2023, FCM Meetings & Events (M&E) successfully managed a signature in-person employee event for a major Australian corporate customer. The goal? To engage and inspire their employees while also launching their new marketing strategy. 

112 ground workers, 1,402 flights booked, and 1,632 stayed in hotels
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After several years of virtual events, it was important for the customer to have a dynamic live event to bring their people from around the country together in one place. Planning for this one-day, large-scale event in Sydney involved specialist FCM Meetings & Events’ teams including a registration team, logistics team, creative team, production team and importantly, a dedicated travel team.  

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While the RFP was to deliver an event for 3,000 attendees, the scope grew significantly and ultimately, over 4,300 employees attended. With the numbers growing considerably, the FCM M&E group travel team pulled out all stops to deliver on the logistics for all attendee travel including airfares, transfers and accommodation, while staying within budget. 

Attendees included employees from all areas of the business, from senior executives to frontline team members. This called for detailed management of different airfare bookings, from multiple locations, to have all attendees in Sydney for the one-day event. 


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A three-member FCM M&E group travel team started planning the travel arrangements in October 2022, a full six months out from the event. With so many employees involved, the most efficient flight arrangements were needed to ensure employees were away from their home office for the least time possible. 

  • The scale of the airline bookings required, and the diverse locations, meant FCM M&E used three domestic carriers, plus a number of regional airlines to get the attendees to Sydney.  

  • Employees from major cities were booked to arrive the morning of the event, while those from regional centres arrived a day earlier due to less flights available. 

  • The thousands of flight bookings and itineraries were managed via the FCM M&E travel platform.  

  • Fully customised FCM M&E app used from beginning to end to update individual travellers on airline flight information and changes.  

With the support of the dedicated After-hours service, the FCM M&E travel team were on-call throughout the event to monitor flight movements and to make any booking changes that arose. 

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With so many moving pieces and pivotal elements all being delivered in the one-day event, the FCM M&E travel team locked in watertight travel bookings for interstate attendees.  

By harnessing the unique knowledge and capability of the travel logistics team, FCM M&E seamlessly managed the complex travel and scheduling arrangements.  

In total, the in-house travel specialists booked 1,402 flights, arranged 112 ground transfers and negotiated and booked hotel stays for 1,632 people. This included the travel logistics for employees from a number of business units, who stayed in Sydney for a second day to attend additional planning sessions. 

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